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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How Will You Be Getting Involved This Year?

woman check her chest with prevention breast cancer1 National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) each year provides an opportunity to raise awareness about breast cancer and promote early detection and treatment. 

The month of October is dedicated to increasing public knowledge about the disease and encouraging individuals to take steps to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.

What’s Breast Cancer?

Cancer develops when cells in the breast divide and grow uncontrollably, creating a mass called a tumor. Feeling a lump in your breast, experiencing a change in your breast size, or noticing changes to your breast’s skin can all be signs of breast cancer.

What’s National Breast Awareness Month?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated in October to raise awareness about breast cancer and its impact on the community.

There are many ways to get involved with NBCAM. Here are some ideas:

Share your story. If you or someone you know has been affected by breast cancer, share your story on social media or in another forum to help raise awareness about the disease.

Volunteer your time. Volunteer your time to help with events or other activities. Many organizations support breast cancer patients and families.

Make a donation. Support the fight against breast cancer by donating to a reputable organization.

Educate yourself and others. Learn as much as possible about breast cancer and share your knowledge with others.

Wear pink. Wear pink during October to show your support for those affected by breast cancer.

After Breast Cancer: What To Do Next?

Breast cancer is a life-changing event. One of the most difficult choices you will face is what to do about your breasts after treatment. You have many options, including:

  • Do nothing
  • Have a mastectomy (removal of the breast)
  • Have a lumpectomy (removal of the cancerous tissue)
  • Undergo radiation therapy
  • Have a breast reconstruction

Each option has its own risks and benefits, so it’s important to make an informed decision. If you’re considering breast reconstruction, your plastic & reconstructive surgeon can help you choose the best option.

Schedule a Consultation

Would you like to get a surgical plastic or reconstructive breast procedure in Cincinnati, Ohio? Don’t hesitate to contact Donna Krummen, MD FACS. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Krummen Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, you can call 513.985.0850.

Does Breast Augmentation Hurt?

sexy young woman model in sexy dress If you are considering having breast augmentation, you should feel filled with excitement and empowerment, not worry. Having breast augmentation can be an enjoyable journey that results in years of rewarding confidence and satisfaction. But thoughts about potential pain or complications can blunt the process right from the start. If you’re thinking of breast augmentation, it’s only natural that you may be thinking about pain. You may be wondering if the procedure will hurt and how much pain may occur. Most patients have this question, but not all of them ask about it. So, we will discuss it here.

What Should I Expect with Breast Augmentation?

Does breast augmentation surgery hurt? This is part one of a two-part question. Each part deserves a clear and thoughtful response. Breast augmentation surgery is performed using general anesthesia. Before your surgery begins, a board-certified anesthesiologist ensures that you are in the “sweet spot” of sedation. In this sweet spot, your brain will not register pain. Your brain will not form memory, so you will not feel anything nor will you be aware of time in the present moment. General anesthesia is the most commonly used form of sedation and pain management during all kinds of surgeries performed today. It has a long and strong track record of safety and efficacy, so you can feel confident knowing that you will not feel a thing during your breast augmentation procedure.

Does breast augmentation hurt? Clearly, the process of placing breast implants beneath the skin, fatty tissue, and muscle causes some disruption to nerve endings, blood vessels, and more. Even with the most careful techniques, the surgeon will alter the formation of these tissues. Pain is the natural byproduct of this disruption. That said, patients do not describe their breast augmentation recovery as painful. When patients wake up from general anesthesia, they usually say something along the lines of “my chest feels heavy.” This is due to the combination of pressure from the breast implants themselves and pressure from the compression garment that is applied to minimize swelling. The heaviness can feel like someone is sitting on the chest. It isn’t the most comfortable but also isn’t necessarily painful. What may feel painful is the tenderness and soreness that result from incisions and tissue expansion around the breast implants. To ensure that pain does not become worse, patients are advised to take their prescription painkillers exactly as directed, even when they feel like they may get by without it. It’s important to keep in mind that, for at least three to four days, it is the prescription pain medication that is creating comfort. Within about a week, it becomes possible to comfortably switch to over-the-counter medication.

Now is a great time to schedule breast augmentation surgery. To arrange a visit to our Cincinnati office, contact us at 513.985.0850.

Are You Asking Questions about Breast Augmentation?

Woman with perfect breasts in black bra on black background An interesting thing happens when something becomes widely popular: people stop asking questions about that thing. Let’s take breast augmentation as an example. The average person typically knows that breast augmentation is the surgery that enlarges the size of the breasts. As the most sought-after plastic surgery in America of decades, breast augmentation is also one that can be highly misunderstood, exactly for that reason. People think they know everything about this procedure, but some of those ideas could be false. We’re going to take a look at some questions all patients should be asking if they’re thinking about enhancing the size and shape of their breasts. 

  1. Will Breast Implants Look Natural?

There was a time during which breast augmentation resulted in some unnatural-looking body shapes. This is still possible, but is uncommon outside of episodes of Botched. Today, surgeons have an array of breast implant options to choose from. Options that go well beyond the limitations of saline or silicone. Through careful selection of breast type, profile, and placement, a board-certified plastic surgeon can create a new shape that not only looks natural but feels so, as well. 

  1. What is the Right Age for Breast Implants?

Some people assume that breast augmentation surgery is a “young woman’s procedure.” However, the life events that women go through – weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and hormonal shifts – can influence breast shape at any age. There is no upper-limit age restriction for breast implant surgery. Surgeons are more interested in patients’ general health, lifestyle, and surgical goals. 

  1. Is Breast Augmentation the Right Choice for Me?

Breast augmentation can be a great choice for any woman who is unsatisfied with small, unshapely breasts. That said, and this goes back to our last question about age, there are situations in which breast augmentation alone is not enough to achieve the best outcome.

The purpose of breast implant surgery is to enlarge the size of the breasts. This procedure can fill out the shape of the breasts, as well, but it does not correct ptosis. If the skin around the breast mound is excessively loose, adding breast implants may only worsen the problem. In these cases, Dr. Krummen performs a breast lift along with augmentation to restore the most beautiful, natural-looking shape.

Make the most informed decision about breast enhancement surgery. Contact our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 to schedule your consultation.

Breast Augmentation is So Much Better Than It Used to Be

Women have been seeking breast augmentation surgery for many years. Some do it because they want to improve the symmetry between their breasts. Some do it because they want their breast size to be more aligned with their frame and contouring. Whatever the reason for breast augmentation, this surgery has been one of the most popular every year for many years running. As changes have occurred in medicine, the potential for breast augmentation to achieve outstanding results has improved substantially. Here’s why it’s never been a better time to consider breast enhancement surgery.

Breast Implant Options Have Expanded

Early on in the breast augmentation game, women had choices between saline and silicone breast implants. Now, we’ve got saline implants contained within various silicone chambers. We’ve got various form-stable silicone implants that are far less likely to affect surrounding tissue should they rupture or leak. We’ve also got various implant shapes, sizes, and profiles from which to choose.

The increase in options for breast implants does not have to feel confusing, either. We help our patients determine with confidence which implant is right for them. All aspects of implants are discussed, including their predicted appearance and feel, once they drop into place.

Surgical Techniques Have Advanced

Surgical consultation for breast augmentation also looks at current breast situation and incision type. Clinical practice has confirmed that breast implants cannot resolve all problems. A skilled surgeon may recommend a lift for some patients, recognizing that tissue laxity could affect the final outcome of surgery. Breast lift surgery in conjunction with breast augmentation both enlarges breasts and repositions them to ensure they do not sag once implants have settled into place. Incision types have expanded, as well. Common incision options include around the areola and along the natural breast crease. In both areas, resulting scars may be barely noticed.

General Expectations

Trends have changed in the area of breast augmentation. Today, most patients request a size increase that achieves natural-looking proportions with the rest of the body. Having been in practice for several years, Dr. Krummen is well aware of the ways in which breast augmentation has changed, and how to harness those changes to benefit her patients. To schedule a breast enhancement consultation in our friendly office, call 513.985.0850.

Breast Augmentation for Upper Pole Volume

Breast enhancement Cincinnati, OH Breast enhancement with implants is not intended only to increase the size of the breasts to be more in line with a woman’s frame. Many of the patients who consult with Dr. Krummen express that what they want is to enjoy more fullness and cleavage. Often, what it takes to achieve this is a restoration of volume at the upper pole, or upper region, of the breasts.

To create more fullness and shape, an experienced plastic surgeon looks at essential variables, including the condition of the skin (is a lift also necessary?), and the size, profile, and type of implant. Saline implants may not be advisable due to the effect of gravity on the fluid within the implant shell. Because they hold their shape well, form-stable breast implants made with a cohesive gel may be more appropriate to round out deflated, drooping breasts.

Breast implant placement is also a consideration for the surgeon because the situation of the implant within the pocket of tissue that is created affects the final position of the breasts on the chest wall. To achieve and support the proper height, many surgeons choose to place form-stable implants beneath the muscle tissue in the chest. The pocket is made only as wide as necessary to accommodate the implant. This discourages any shifting in shape and position. Of course, over time, natural aging will cause this to change.

More than overall size, it is the profile of the breast implant that may come into play in recreating upper pole fullness. Implant profile relates to projection vs. width. A broader implant base projects more subtly from the chest wall, while a narrower base has more projection to it. To achieve the desired amount of fullness at the uppermost part of the breast, a high-profile implant may be chosen. The profile of the implant, because it dictates how far out the breasts come forward from the body, also affects the appearance of breast size. This is why cup size alone is not an ideal measurement to describe the desired outcome of breast augmentation.

Breast enhancement is a personal choice and one that Cincinnati cosmetic surgeon Dr. Donna Krummen customizes to each patient. To learn more about creating beautiful breast shape with augmentation surgery, contact 513.985.0850.

Help! I Don’t Like My Breast Implants Anymore!

Breast Augmentation Cincinnati OH Breast augmentation continues to be one of the leading cosmetic procedures, as it has been for many years. As we have learned more about this procedure and information has become more readily available, most patients understand that breast implants don’t last forever. Still, what do you do if you reach a point at which the appearance of your augmented breasts just doesn’t please you anymore? You may have a few options.


There are several reasons why a woman may become dissatisfied with her augmented breasts over time. One of the first questions to consider is whether or not there is a desire to maintain fullness and shape that has come from breast implants. If so, replacement is an excellent option.

  • Replacement may be necessary if original breast implants become defective. Some patients undergo their initial surgery out of the country or with a cosmetic surgeon offering a “good deal.” Cutting corners does not save on cost in the long run.
  • Replacement can be a good option if the look or feel of the breasts is unsatisfying due to placement or material. For example, a woman under the age of 22 may initially receive saline implants and later desire a transition to form-stable silicone implants.
  • Many women today are replacing larger implants with smaller or lower-profile ones that look more natural and conservative.
  • Further enlargement is also a reason that some women give for wanting to replace implants.

Whatever the reason for replacement, our objective is to help our patients feel their best. Dr. Krummen spends time consulting with each woman to understand her motivation and her desired outcome.


It doesn’t happen quite as often, but there are instances in which women want to have their implants completely removed. Breast implant removal may also be referred to as breast explantation. The primary concern related to this procedure is how breasts will look without implants. In some cases, it may be possible to predict how breast tissue will respond after implants are removed. Patients may choose to undergo breast implant removal only and observe how tissue contracts naturally over time. Alternatively, some women choose to combine their breast explantation with breast lift surgery. This allows them to return to their natural size without suffering the effects of age-related deflation.

Breast augmentation revision may be desired for several reasons. Whatever yours are, your Cincinnati female plastic surgeon has your best interest in mind. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Krummen, contact us at 513.985.0850.

Is it Possible for Breast Implants to Pop?

Breast Augmentation Cincinnati OH Each year, thousands of women undergo breast augmentation surgery to fill out the shape and size of their breasts. This standard surgery has been performed for decades and has gone through several changes aimed at improving patient outcomes. As far as we have come in understanding breast augmentation surgery, most patients we meet still have a common question: could breast implants pop? We want to answer this question here.

The idea of breast implants popping seems alarming. It provokes a particularly traumatic image of breast implants being intact one moment and completely obliterated the next. Although it is possible for breast implants to rupture, the word “pop” is far too dramatic of a descriptor.

Breast implant rupture is a potential complication after breast augmentation. It may happen at any time, but research suggests that rupture is more likely to happen several years after the initial surgery if it occurs at all. According to one study, which was published by the National Center for Biotechnology, breast implants rupture only about 15% of the time. That means 85% of breast augmentation patients never experience this problem.

Why a Breast Implant Might Rupture

The most common reason for rupture is what we refer to as capsular contracture. When breast implants are installed, they are usually situated within a pocket of tissue beneath the pectoral muscle. Although the pocket is created to support the implant, it is not uncommon for scar tissue to form here. In most cases, scarring is so mild that the appearance and feel of the breasts are not affected. Severe scarring, though, can press so intensely against one or both implants that rupture occurs. When signs of severe capsular contracture occur, revision surgery may be scheduled to replace the implant and reduce scar tissue before leakage or rupture can happen.

What to do about Ruptured Breast Implants

Whether it is a saline or silicone implant that ruptures, surgery is the solution. A saline implant rupture generally shows dramatic signs right away, as sterile fluid leaks from the implant and gets absorbed by the body. Silicone implants, on the other hand, may leak for years before changes in breast appearance become evident. When a silicone implant ruptures, the cohesive gel accumulates within the pocket made for the implant. Surgery is conducted to remove remnants of free silicone and replace the failed implant with a new one.

Get the facts about breast implant surgery from an experienced female cosmetic surgeon. Contact our Cincinnati office at 513-985-0850 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Donna Krummen.

How to Make Your Breast Augmentation a Breeze

Breast Augmentation Cincinnati OH More than 300,000 women sought breast augmentation last year. For several years before that, the number of breast augmentation procedures performed each year continued to rise. Some women seek enhancement to correct deflation that has occurred over time. Some aim to achieve a degree of volume that never developed on its own. Whatever the situation, studies have indicated that women who have healthy self-esteem before breast augmentation feel exceedingly satisfied with their new shape.

Dr. Donna Krummen is an esteemed Cincinnati cosmetic surgeon who routinely performs breast augmentation to help women align their outer appearance with their inner sense of beauty. She and our entire team provide the spectrum of care that allows each patient breeze right on through the process. Here, we offer a few tips on what to do and what not to do after breast augmentation.

  • DO wear a compression garment. There is a reason why a compression bra is worn immediately after breast augmentation surgery: the breasts need support! Not only will you feel more comfortable wearing a compression bra for the recommended time after surgery, but side effects like swelling and bruising can diminish more quickly when gentle compression supports tissue.
  • DON’T rush to “fly free.” Many women today are choosing to go braless. This may be just as big of a temptation after breast augmentation as wearing the latest lacy bra from Victoria’s Secret. We encourage patients to have patience in this aspect of their recovery. In due time, the breasts will rest firmly in the capsule of tissue that forms around implants. Until that time, support is the name of the game. Removing that support too soon could disrupt the development of the capsule, increasing the total time of recovery.
  • DON’T let your body fool you. Recovering from breast augmentation is often easier than patients imagine. Usually, we say to listen to your body after cosmetic surgery. However, you may feel so good after breast augmentation that you feel like you can resume activities before your body is ready. In this instance, it is better to listen to your doctor and continue limiting activities, especially lifting, until you have been cleared for them.
  • DO call in the troops. Breast augmentation may be one of the easier surgeries in terms of recovery, but you still want to arrange for assistance at home. This is especially important for mothers who may be tempted to pick up children before they should. A strong support team can remind you to take it easy and step in to fill your shoes for a short time.

Learn more about breast augmentation at 513.985.0850.

Age is a Factor in Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Cincinnati OH Social trends are fascinating to observe; how the creep into just about every aspect of life. It isn’t uncommon to see a “new norm” every so often in things like clothing, hairstyles, the way we eat, how we exercise, and even how we think we should look. Plastic surgery trends have changed several times over decades of time. Twenty years ago, there was a prevalence of oversized breasts produced by the hands of skilled cosmetic surgeons. Today, not so much.

Interest in breast augmentation hasn’t waned; it still sits in the Number One seat for most popular cosmetic surgery. It isn’t that women aren’t getting breast implants; it’s that there may be a trend leaning toward smaller implants. According to one study, this desire for smaller breast implants is prominent among older women seeking enhancement. The interest in smaller implants among the older age categories is seen in initial procedures as well as revisional procedures. On the contrary, younger women still tend to request larger implants.

What Gives?

Plastic surgeons, as well as many patients, sometimes like to consider what factors lead to certain trends. When discussing breast augmentation, it is presumed that women may have different desires related to their appearance at different stages of life. Then, there is the matter of how the body naturally changes with age. Let’s look at the whole stage-of-life matter first. During her twenties and thirties, and maybe even into her forties, a woman may be keen on wearing a bikini with confidence. Women in their fifties and sixties often don’t share that desire. Becoming more conservative with age is a longstanding societal trend that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The physical changes that occur with age coincide with a lean towards conservativism. A woman may carry a little more weight in her fifties and beyond than she did in her twenties and thirties. This increased weight increase breast size to the point where a breast lift would be more advantageous than full augmentation.

It’s Not Cut-and-Dry

Trends are trends, and we expect them to continually come and go. Women who are considering breast augmentation are encouraged to strongly consider their own personal values and preferences above all else, keeping in mind the fact that a different body-type comes into the limelight every few years. Breast augmentation is a big decision that doesn’t necessarily have to follow any particular rule. Trends aside, many women in an “older” age category choose larger breast implants to complement their physical frame.

Consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon regarding your desired outcome from breast augmentation. Call 513.985.0850.

Ready to Own Your Beauty? We Can Help!

Breast Procedures Cincinnati OH Cosmetic surgery has long been a go-to for men and women who want to look and feel their absolute best. It is no secret that changing an aspect of your appearance can have a dramatic impact on your level of self-esteem. However, it is also no secret that, for this to happen, you’ve got to have a healthy self-image before having surgery. For many women, the way that body confidence reaches its all-time high is through breast enhancement.

Breast Enhancing Procedures Personalize Medicine

In aesthetic medicine, the ultimate goal is to bring out the best in a person’s appearance. There are three ways to achieve this with breast enhancement.

Breast Lift

Breast enhancement doesn’t look the same for everyone. Adding volume isn’t always the answer. In fact, more women are choosing to refine the shape of their breasts by lifting the natural tissue they currently have. Breast lift surgery is an excellent solution for women who feel their breasts have deflated and lost shape after weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or simply due to the aging process. In some situations, a breast lift is needed to reposition breasts that naturally sit low on the chest wall. This procedure may not add volume to the breasts, but the results may appear as though volume has increased due to the higher resting place on the chest.

Breast Reduction

Another way that we commonly enhance breast shape and size is through reduction procedures. Like breast lift surgery, more women are choosing to level up their self-confidence by toning down their breasts. Excessive breast tissue can be uncomfortable due to the constant pull on the neck and shoulders. Large breasts often inhibit exercise, and many women feel self-conscious about the way their clothes fit. To correct all of these problems, we refine the size of the breasts to align with the frame of the body.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation tops the charts for popular cosmetic procedures year after year. This is the case even as trends have changed. Today, fewer women are obtaining breast augmentation to radically increase size. In many cases, smaller breast implants are being selected for subtler, more natural-looking enhancement.

We love helping our patients own their beauty. To discover what that feels like, schedule a consultation in our Cincinnati office.

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