Breast Augmentation for Upper Pole Volume

Breast enhancement Cincinnati, OHBreast enhancement with implants is not intended only to increase the size of the breasts to be more in line with a woman’s frame. Many of the patients who consult with Dr. Krummen express that what they want is to enjoy more fullness and cleavage. Often, what it takes to achieve this is a restoration of volume at the upper pole, or upper region, of the breasts.

To create more fullness and shape, an experienced plastic surgeon looks at essential variables, including the condition of the skin (is a lift also necessary?), and the size, profile, and type of implant. Saline implants may not be advisable due to the effect of gravity on the fluid within the implant shell. Because they hold their shape well, form-stable breast implants made with a cohesive gel may be more appropriate to round out deflated, drooping breasts.

Breast implant placement is also a consideration for the surgeon because the situation of the implant within the pocket of tissue that is created affects the final position of the breasts on the chest wall. To achieve and support the proper height, many surgeons choose to place form-stable implants beneath the muscle tissue in the chest. The pocket is made only as wide as necessary to accommodate the implant. This discourages any shifting in shape and position. Of course, over time, natural aging will cause this to change.

More than overall size, it is the profile of the breast implant that may come into play in recreating upper pole fullness. Implant profile relates to projection vs. width. A broader implant base projects more subtly from the chest wall, while a narrower base has more projection to it. To achieve the desired amount of fullness at the uppermost part of the breast, a high-profile implant may be chosen. The profile of the implant, because it dictates how far out the breasts come forward from the body, also affects the appearance of breast size. This is why cup size alone is not an ideal measurement to describe the desired outcome of breast augmentation.

Breast enhancement is a personal choice and one that Cincinnati cosmetic surgeon Dr. Donna Krummen customizes to each patient. To learn more about creating beautiful breast shape with augmentation surgery, contact 513.985.0850.

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