September 2018

Don’t Let Myth Keep You from a Facelift

Facelift Cincinnati OH Facelift surgery has been a standard technique to reduce the signs of aging that affect the face. It has been said that a facelift can make the face look ten years younger, with fewer wrinkles on the cheeks and neck, a smoother jawline, and fuller cheeks. Unfortunately, this isn’t all that’s been said about facelift surgery. More than what has been said about facelifts, it is what we can see that may make us apprehensive.

We’ve all seen the results of certain celebrity facelifts. It is only natural to look at some of these people and think “if they couldn’t get a good facelift with all the money they have, then all facelifts must make the face look tight and unnatural.” This is actually the most common myth about facelift surgery. We want to dispel it, along with a few others.

  1. Facelifts look unnatural. A facelift doesn’t have to leave you with stretched skin, puffy lips, and overly pronounced cheeks. Dr. Krummen is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who uses modern techniques to gently lift tissue on the face and neck to a position that is tightened just enough to look better but not look “done.”
  2. Facelift recovery is long and painful. It’s true that facelifts, like other surgical procedures, will cause some bruising and swelling. However, pain is another story. Facelift patients are prescribed pain medication that, when taken as directed, can significantly blunt discomfort. Swelling and bruising may appear bad for a few days but are usually diminished so much after two weeks that patients can return to work.
  3. Facelift results are permanent. The results of a facelift will last, that is true. In fact, one study demonstrated strong results holding well after nearly six years. However, the aging process continues after this procedure and will do so at its own pace. People who smoke, sit in the sun, or use alcohol and tobacco frequently may notice the signs of aging appearing sooner than those who implement lifestyle strategies to slow cosmetic aging.

Facelift surgery is popular among men and women of all ages (more myths busted!). If the signs of facial aging are a distraction from your best self-image, learn more about the surgical procedure that can correct what concerns you. Schedule a consultation in our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850.

How to Make Your Breast Augmentation a Breeze

Breast Augmentation Cincinnati OH More than 300,000 women sought breast augmentation last year. For several years before that, the number of breast augmentation procedures performed each year continued to rise. Some women seek enhancement to correct deflation that has occurred over time. Some aim to achieve a degree of volume that never developed on its own. Whatever the situation, studies have indicated that women who have healthy self-esteem before breast augmentation feel exceedingly satisfied with their new shape.

Dr. Donna Krummen is an esteemed Cincinnati cosmetic surgeon who routinely performs breast augmentation to help women align their outer appearance with their inner sense of beauty. She and our entire team provide the spectrum of care that allows each patient breeze right on through the process. Here, we offer a few tips on what to do and what not to do after breast augmentation.

  • DO wear a compression garment. There is a reason why a compression bra is worn immediately after breast augmentation surgery: the breasts need support! Not only will you feel more comfortable wearing a compression bra for the recommended time after surgery, but side effects like swelling and bruising can diminish more quickly when gentle compression supports tissue.
  • DON’T rush to “fly free.” Many women today are choosing to go braless. This may be just as big of a temptation after breast augmentation as wearing the latest lacy bra from Victoria’s Secret. We encourage patients to have patience in this aspect of their recovery. In due time, the breasts will rest firmly in the capsule of tissue that forms around implants. Until that time, support is the name of the game. Removing that support too soon could disrupt the development of the capsule, increasing the total time of recovery.
  • DON’T let your body fool you. Recovering from breast augmentation is often easier than patients imagine. Usually, we say to listen to your body after cosmetic surgery. However, you may feel so good after breast augmentation that you feel like you can resume activities before your body is ready. In this instance, it is better to listen to your doctor and continue limiting activities, especially lifting, until you have been cleared for them.
  • DO call in the troops. Breast augmentation may be one of the easier surgeries in terms of recovery, but you still want to arrange for assistance at home. This is especially important for mothers who may be tempted to pick up children before they should. A strong support team can remind you to take it easy and step in to fill your shoes for a short time.

Learn more about breast augmentation at 513.985.0850.

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