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Overly large breasts can cause many health issues. These include: neck or back pain, rashes under the breast and shoulder indentations. The weight of excess breast tissue can impair your ability to lead an active life. Furthermore, the pain can turn into long term medical issues if something is not done to correct it. With Breast Reduction surgery this can all improve.

A degree of asymmetry may be in between the breasts. In some cases, imbalance is noticeable enough to cause dissatisfaction.

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In these cases, there are benefits in breast reduction surgery. Additionally, one of the most common reasons that women seek this cosmetic procedure is to reduce the size of both breasts. Doing so can increase self-confidence along with physical comfort. We are proud to offer personalized care for breast reduction to women from the Cincinnati area.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that Dr. Krummen performs to decrease the size of one or both breasts. The procedure involves careful removal of breast tissue and fat and, as needed, the slight refinement of overlying skin. This surgery can also offer women relief from feelings of self-consciousness about their appearance. Moreover, thousands of women undergo this procedure each year and achieve a more proportioned look with surgery.

Candidates For Reduction Mammoplasty Surgery

Patients consider breast reduction for a number of reasons. Some of the common complaints that this procedure corrects include:

  • Breasts that are overly large for body-frame.
  • Dramatic asymmetry between breasts.
  • The weight of large breasts causes back, neck, and shoulder pain.
  • The pull on bra straps creates uncomfortable divots in tissue or skin irritation.
  • Breast tissue overlaps skin beneath the breast line, causing frequent or chronic itching and irritation.

The best candidates for this surgery are in good physical and emotional health. The patient should have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of their procedure. According to research, the happiest patients are those who have a positive body image prior to surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery?

There are physical and emotional benefits that result from a breast reduction. The change to breast size and shape can add harmony to the proportions of the body. Smaller breast size enhances comfort. Therefore, women who have breast reduction may find daily activities and exercise more comfortable. Refining size and shape can also have a positive effect on the appearance of the breasts on the chest wall. Thus, this corrects mild ptosis and reduces the size of the areolae for improved proportions.

How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Reduction mammoplasty procedures can take place in an accredited outpatient facility or in a hospital setting. Depending on the circumstances and patient preferences, surgery may take place under general anesthesia, or with local anesthesia and a sedative.

A main focus during breast reduction surgery is the preservation of breast tissue and blood supply to the tissue and skin during the procedure. Some patients may need to have a drain inserted during surgery. This prevents fluid retention during the post-operative period.

Patient Testimonial

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"I never thought that having a surgery could be so good, but Dr. Krummen made it that way. She performed a breast reduction on me and even though I’m in some pain, the results will be worth it. Dr. Krummen is personable, professional, and patient. I can’t even describe the gratitude that I feel towards her for making this such an amazing experience for me starting with my very first consult. She held my hand in the OR as I was going to sleep, which shows how much she cares about all of her patients. I highly recommend her and all of her staff as her staff is just as wonderful as she is!"

- Kelly S.

What Is Recovery Like?

The recovery period for breast reduction surgery is relatively short. There will be initial discomfort subsiding progressively over several days after the procedure. Prescription pain medication should be taken, even if pain seems mild during the hours after surgery. The use of prescription medication can decrease as healing occurs.

Surgical drains will be evaluated in a post-surgical follow-up visit in our office. This visit may take place the day after surgery. Dr. Krummen will determine the best time for removal after careful observation of the breasts and fluid drainage.

During your recovery period, a support bra will manage comfort and swelling. You may want to wear this post-surgical garment for several weeks after your procedure.

Any sutures that have been placed will be removed in our office. This takes place 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. You will be able to resume light activities within 10 days. More intense exercise will need to be postponed for at least 6 weeks. If you have questions regarding activities after breast reduction, please call our office.

What Results Can I Expect From Breast Reduction Procedures?

An immediate difference can be seen after breast reduction surgery. Due to swelling and mild bruising, and the overlying compression garment, the full results from this procedure may take weeks to reach their peak state.

Breast Lift Vs. Breast Reduction

Will There Be A Noticeable Scar From Breast Reduction Surgery?

Incisions for breast reduction are made in the most discreet way possible. This may include an incision around the areolae and down the center of the lower breast. In some cases, an addition incision is located horizontally at the breast crease. The appearance of surgical scars depends on several factors related to your body’s unique healing tendencies. Typically, breast augmentation scars fade over time.

What Are The Risks Of Reduction Mammoplasty?

Risks exist for all surgical procedures. These include: reaction to anesthesia, infection, and loss of nerve sensation in the area of incisions. Breast reduction patients will also have to consider the effect that this procedure may have on breastfeeding. Dr. Krummen will discuss the risks associated with surgery at the time of your consultation.

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