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Tummy Tuck Cincinnati OH | AbdominoplastyIf you want your stomach to look firm and flat – instead of flabby or fat – a tummy tuck cold be the answer to your problem.  Also known as an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck removes the excess fat and drooping skin from the abdomen that a large weight loss, genetics or carrying a pregnancy has given you as a souvenir. In most cases, weakened or separated abdominal walls and muscles can be restored as well.A tummy tuck is a wonderful option for getting rid of the muffin top that keeps your pants from being comfortable, and the floppy skin that keeps you from enjoying bikini season. This procedure is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

Diet and exercise can help you tone and slim down your body, but sit-ups and crunches won’t get rid of that sagging fat and skin hanging around your mid-section. During a tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Krummen will remove that excess, drooping skin and tighten the muscles in the abdominal wall.  When she’s finished, your profile will be slimmer, your clothes will fit better and your self-confidence will soar.

At your consultation Dr. Krummen will address your personal goals, your health history, as well as everything you can expect during surgery and recovery afterwards.

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