Does Breast Augmentation Hurt?

sexy young woman model in sexy dress If you are considering having breast augmentation, you should feel filled with excitement and empowerment, not worry. Having breast augmentation can be an enjoyable journey that results in years of rewarding confidence and satisfaction. But thoughts about potential pain or complications can blunt the process right from the start. If you’re thinking of breast augmentation, it’s only natural that you may be thinking about pain. You may be wondering if the procedure will hurt and how much pain may occur. Most patients have this question, but not all of them ask about it. So, we will discuss it here.

What Should I Expect with Breast Augmentation?

Does breast augmentation surgery hurt? This is part one of a two-part question. Each part deserves a clear and thoughtful response. Breast augmentation surgery is performed using general anesthesia. Before your surgery begins, a board-certified anesthesiologist ensures that you are in the “sweet spot” of sedation. In this sweet spot, your brain will not register pain. Your brain will not form memory, so you will not feel anything nor will you be aware of time in the present moment. General anesthesia is the most commonly used form of sedation and pain management during all kinds of surgeries performed today. It has a long and strong track record of safety and efficacy, so you can feel confident knowing that you will not feel a thing during your breast augmentation procedure.

Does breast augmentation hurt? Clearly, the process of placing breast implants beneath the skin, fatty tissue, and muscle causes some disruption to nerve endings, blood vessels, and more. Even with the most careful techniques, the surgeon will alter the formation of these tissues. Pain is the natural byproduct of this disruption. That said, patients do not describe their breast augmentation recovery as painful. When patients wake up from general anesthesia, they usually say something along the lines of “my chest feels heavy.” This is due to the combination of pressure from the breast implants themselves and pressure from the compression garment that is applied to minimize swelling. The heaviness can feel like someone is sitting on the chest. It isn’t the most comfortable but also isn’t necessarily painful. What may feel painful is the tenderness and soreness that result from incisions and tissue expansion around the breast implants. To ensure that pain does not become worse, patients are advised to take their prescription painkillers exactly as directed, even when they feel like they may get by without it. It’s important to keep in mind that, for at least three to four days, it is the prescription pain medication that is creating comfort. Within about a week, it becomes possible to comfortably switch to over-the-counter medication.

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