November 2017

Is Now the Time to Raise the Bar on your Brow?

Brow Lift Surgery Cincinnati OH Raising the bar. It’s something that a lot of people like to do as often as possible. We might refer to them as Type A personalities; the ones who “get things done.” Raising the bar can mean a lot of things. To us, it means striving for the ultimate quality of service for patients of our Cincinnati cosmetic surgery practice. To our patients, raising the bar means improving an aspect of their appearance that they are no longer satisfied with. One of the common ways to raise the bar on facial appearance is to raise the brow.

The Aging Brow

The loss of collagen does a doozy on the upper parts of the face. And the lower. But what we have seen from recent research is that many people express a substantial increase in satisfaction and confidence when they resolve age-related laxity around the eyes. This may be because it’s incredibly difficult to ignore the way that age changes our very expression. If laxity and gravity work to pull the outermost edges of the brow line down, a person may appear as though she lacks confidence or is perpetually sad. The downward pull of the innermost edges of the brow line sends a person into the realm of unfriendliness or anger. Neither end of this spectrum does much for human interaction, nor for a personal sense of confidence. That is why brow lift surgery is so valuable.

Which Treatment is the Right Treatment for a Sagging Brow?

Seeing the need for change is one thing. The problem that many of our patients have is that they recognize this need, but don’t know what to do about it. With the multitude of non-surgical treatments that are available today, discerning whether or not surgery is needed can be quite difficult. The good news is that, in most cases, there is no rush to schedule a surgical brow lift. If you are starting to notice that your eyes appear heavy and tired, talk with us about treatment options. In many cases, BOTOX and dermal fillers can restore youthfulness to the eyes. It is when these treatments either don’t give you the lift you want, or they do not produce results that last as long as you’d like, when surgery may make the most sense.

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Facial rejuvenation is a very personal journey that we can help you with. To learn more about eyelid rejuvenation, contact our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 today.

Want Better Curves? Now is the Time!

Tummy Tuck Cincinnati OH Better curves. Often, to achieve this means to reduce body fat or refine contouring across the midsection. We are proud to offer services tailored to each of our valued patients. Two of the common techniques that are of interest to those wanting better curves are abdominoplasty and liposuction. There is an interesting phenomenon that surrounds these procedures: interest in them tends to mount as summer approaches. We propose that there may be a better time to start working on those better curves, now.

Why Fall may be the Best Time for Body Contouring

  • Covering up is easy. We know the reason that you may want to undergo body contouring is that you want to feel good wearing less. The thing is, you have to go through a short time of swelling and bruising before you get to a place of really wanting to show off your new curves. There is no easier time to be patient about this than the dead of winter when outdoor temperatures plummet.
  • “Me Time” may be easier to find. Rest is one of the most important aspects of physical recovery. To undergo a procedure during the busy months of summer, when kids are out of school and in need of entertainment, that Me Time flies right out the window. During the winter months, when everyone is in school and the holidays are behind you, the recovery time that you need may be right at your fingertips.
  • Rain and snow and cold are good! One of the reasons that men and women choose liposuction or abdominoplasty is because they want to feel great when the sun is out, and they are wearing shorts and bathing suits. However, surgical incisions are better able to heal when kept out of the sunlight. UV exposure may increase the chance of scarring, so the shorter, colder days of winter offer an excellent reprieve for recovering patients.

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Dr. Krummen and our experienced staff are happy to speak with you about your cosmetic concerns. With care tailored to meet your needs and expectations, you are close to a body you completely love. Contact our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 to schedule a consultation today.

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