Here’s How You Can Prepare Your Body and Mind for Liposuction

Portrait of young handsome muscular Persian man shirtless and looking macho against view of the city You’ve determined that you want to have liposuction on one or more areas to sculpt your body. You may have already scheduled your surgery with Dr. Krummen at our accredited surgical center. Now, it’s time to get yourself ready. The countdown is on and, before you know it, you’ll be looking at a slimmer You in the mirror! Here, we discuss how you can prepare for your liposuction procedure.

Physical Preparation for Liposuction

Liposuction is an excellent solution for stubborn fat. It is not, on its own, the end-all-be-all. Physical preparation before surgery enables you to reduce your surgical risks, hasten recovery, and enjoy long-term results. To be physically prepared for your procedure, just:

  • Lock in your healthy eating habits. If you are scheduled for liposuction, it’s safe to say you want to have a slim, svelte body. Chances are, you are already doing what is necessary to maintain a healthy weight, including limiting sugar and alcohol and loading up on fresh vegetables, lean meat, and healthy fats. These foods give your body the energy it will need to heal well and also to keep its metabolism humming right along after your procedure. 
  • Make sure you enjoy your exercise. One of the biggest obstacles to an ongoing exercise routine is not actually liking the process. If you don’t like the idea of lifting weights, get your strength training in the pilates studio or a cross-fit gym that is more strenuous but also more creative. If you don’t love endless spinning on a stationary bike, hit a trail or take a dance class. The choices are endless, which is a great thing to bust through boredom with exercise. 

Mental Preparation for Liposuction

It is only natural to have some degree of emotional challenges after any kind of surgery. To prepare for liposuction, you can:

  • Set your desired outcome in front of yourself. You can do this mentally or literally. Are you having liposuction to fit into the little black dress or slim-fit pants for the holidays? Hang that item of clothing where you will see it every day! Don’t have the item or specific objective? Spend time envisioning how you will look and feel once you have fully recovered from your body-shaping treatment. 
  • Get support. You will likely have no problem getting in and out of bed after liposuction. You may be up and taking short walks the day after your procedure. Support may not need to be in the realm of direct assistance, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone around who will cook for a few days and make sure the kids and pets are well taken care of. Having a support system can ease your mind and reduce the chances that you may face guilty feelings for doing something wonderful for yourself. If nothing else, have a friend or two on stand-by who can keep you company for a short while.

Liposuction is an exciting procedure and one that patients rarely regret. If you have questions about your scheduled procedure or are interested in scheduling liposuction, contact our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850.

Kiss Love Handles Goodbye with Liposuction

Stubborn pockets of fat are nothing new. Millions of adults have at least one area of the body that just seems to resist their sculpting and slimming efforts. There is no good place on the body to store unwanted fat. The most common areas that we see include the thighs, abdomen, and hips. In the hip area, unwanted fat is often called love handles, supposedly because they can be given an affectionate squeeze. We say “No squeezing, thank you. We’ll take sculpting instead.” If you second this option, you may be an excellent candidate for love handle liposuction. 

Due to fatty tissue holding on to a hard-to-sculpt area, love handles can be a chronic concern. This is an area in which that old adage about not spot-reducing fat may hold some truth. That is, until we consider the value of liposuction. This leading plastic surgery procedure is made for spot reduction. It has been performed millions of times on love handles, muffin-tops, saddle-bags, and much more. 

Liposuction for Love Handles: What to Expect

Liposuction is an outstanding treatment option for many contouring concerns because, as we mentioned, it was designed specifically for spot-reduction. Another advantage of this procedure, though, is that it is minimally-invasive and does not warrant a hospital stay. Patients are able to go home a few hours after their procedure, once anesthesia wears off. Furthermore, their incisions are so tiny that they usually have nothing more than a medical bandage and their compression garment in place to help the skin heal. 

To sculpt away love handles, Dr. Krummen makes one or more tiny incisions in the hip area. She inserts a cannula through the incision and into the layer of adipose fat. Here, she moves the cannula in a smooth back-and-forth motion. The motion disrupts and dislodges fat cells so they can be suctioned through the hollow tube. If only the love handles are treated, the procedure may only take 1 to 2 hours. 

Recovery from Love Handle Liposuction

In addition to being able to go home shortly after their procedure, liposuction patients also enjoy a relatively light and quick recovery period. While it is important to avoid situations in which the risk of infection is elevated, such as using a hot tub (until incisions have fully healed), patients are typically ready to go back to work within a week or so after their minor procedure. 

Liposuction does permanently remove fat cells from the problem area. However, patients must maintain a healthy lifestyle and optimal weight to prolong the shape achieved during the procedure. Since many of them are already engaged in weight-management habits, to continue to do so is easy. 

You don’t have to love your love handles. You can slim them away with liposuction. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Krummen, contact our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850.

Post-Liposuction Exercise: What You Should Know

Liposuction is a rewarding procedure that is one of the few ways to target unwanted fat. Usually, by the time a person consults with a plastic surgeon about liposuction, they have tried to sculpt their body by eating well and exercising often. A lack of results after devoting time and effort into physical improvements can be frustrating. Liposuction is a proven solution to this problem. Knowing that exercise continues to play a vital role in maintaining liposuction results, though, patients are often anxious to get back to their normal routine after surgery. Here, we discuss the importance of timing. 

Resuming Exercise after Liposuction

There are several things to love about liposuction. One of them is how this procedure achieves immediately gratifying results. Even with post-surgical swelling and compression garments, patients can see an improvement in the shape of their body. Also, even with swelling and mild soreness, liposuction recovery is relatively easy. Many patients are ready to go back to work in about a week. That said, work does not equate to exercise. When it comes to resuming your normal workouts, it’s likely that you’ll be advised to wait. When exercise does resume, it should be only at about one-quarter of your norm. This should increase very slowly over several days or weeks to ensure that you do not compromise your surgical recovery. 

Exercise is Exercise after Surgery

We often categorize exercise into various boxes. For example, we place cardio exercise into one box, strength training into another. Then, in those boxes, the types of exercise that get the heart pumping or muscles moving vary widely, too. The thing about post-liposuction exercise is that, in terms of timing, they’re all the same. Your surgeon will likely advise you to give your body two weeks to recover. During that time, you may walk. A nice, moderate walk, not a get-your-heart racing power walk. Think circulation more than slimming. 

About two weeks after liposuction, you may start to engage in focused exercise again, but not at your usual intensity and frequency. Your cardio may increase from a brief walk around the block to a longer, faster jaunt. You may get on a stationary bike for 30 minutes or so. At this time, you may also begin strength training again, starting light and slow and increasing gradually as your body tolerates. Any sign of discomfort, though, and you should stop for a day or two. 

Exercise and liposuction make great partners for a beautiful body. To learn more about this procedure and what to expect during recovery, call our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850.

Some Liposuction Tidbits To Know

Body contouring is a popular concept and has been for many years. Before the days of nonsurgical interventions, liposuction ruled the roost in the area of fat-reduction. You may be surprised to learn that, even with nonsurgical treatment options, it still does. There are many reasons why. Liposuction is a minimally invasive treatment that provides significant improvement with one session. It can often be performed with local anesthesia and a mild sedative instead of general anesthesia. There is very little downtime associated with the procedure, with most patients ready to return to work and other light activities within a few days. 

At this time of year, when we’re gradually shedding the layers of clothing that have covered us from head to toe for months, liposuction sounds good to a lot of folks. If you’re looking forward to feeling your best once we get treated to consistently warmer weather, you may want to know a few things about liposuction. Ultimately, our job is to provide the details and personal assistance our patients need to make the most informed and confident decision about their body-shaping journey.

Here are a few things you want to know as you consider the value of liposuction with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. 

  • More than 250,000 liposuction procedures are performed in the United States each year. This trend has continued for several years.
  • Liposuction does not help patients lose weight. The procedure is performed to remove fat in precise areas and create better contours and transitions from one part of the body to the next. You may not weigh less after liposuction, but we suspect you’ll love the way you look!
  • The procedure is suitable for large and small areas. In addition to common areas like the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen, liposuction is also performed on the knees, backs of the arms, chin, bra rolls, and more. 
  • Many people combine liposuction with other procedures. This can be particularly advantageous when the skin has lost some of its natural elasticity. Tightening procedures like abdominoplasty or thigh lift accentuate smooth contours. 
  • There are few risks associated with liposuction because the procedure is minimally-invasive. Patients typically experience nothing more than temporary bruising and swelling. Comfort usually improves a lot in the first week after surgery.

Liposuction takes the stress out of endless dieting and exercise without optimal results. The habits that you have implemented to get the body of your dreams can help you sustain the gorgeous effects achieved through liposuction. Once fat is removed, it does not grow back.

One procedure may be all it takes to get the lasting results you want. To learn more, schedule your liposuction consultation at our Cincinnati office. Call 513.985.0850 today. 

Get Your Liposuction Plan in Action Now

Every year for several years running, hundreds of thousands of people had liposuction. We experienced only a mild dip in numbers during the past year of relative lock-down in terms of our social activities. This year, as more people are looking forward to getting out more, the desire for body sculpting is once again on the upswing. We are happy to help adults of all ages feel their best. If liposuction is on your interest list, now is the time to put your plan into action. Here, we offer a few suggestions for getting a jump-start on those liposuction results.

Identify Your Goal Weight, Then Reach It

Liposuction achieves the best results in patients who have maintained their goal weight for several months. Some wonder why liposuction would be necessary if they are already at their goal weight. It is necessary because sitting at the right weight for your body frame doesn’t mean you automatically achieve the shape you want. Many people are at their ideal weight but don’t look as slim and sculpted as they’d like. Liposuction quickly removes fat from stubborn areas so clothes look better, bathing suits are more comfortable, and you generally feel great in your own skin.

Start Toning

The purpose of liposuction is not to help a person lose weight. It’s also not to make them look more toned. Removing unwanted fat with liposuction could result in unsatisfactory results if the skin is not tight and firm. In this instance, a surgeon may suggest a lift to go along with liposuction. Even when skin tone is good, though, it can be beneficial to prepare for liposuction by working the muscles. You don’t have to go crazy with the weight-lifting, but you may want to start doing yoga or Pilates to tighten up the muscles that have been obscured by excess fat.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

To reach your goal weight, you may have had to implement some diet changes or start exercising more. These habits aren’t beneficial just to get you ready for liposuction, they are also the path to long-term results. Like muscle-toning, you need not go overboard with hours of exercise every day to keep your body in good shape. The goal here is to develop an active lifestyle that supports weight management and muscle tone and also feels good to do. If you don’t love your workouts and meal plan, you won’t stick with them, so create a life that works for you.

Are you ready for a slimmer, more sculpted you? Call 513.985.0850 to schedule a consultation at our Cincinnati office.

No, Liposuction is Not the Easy Way Out!

Plastic surgery procedures are known for being safe and effective. Millions of body-enhancing procedures are performed each year, with liposuction being one of the most popular for people of all ages. As long as liposuction has been around, there is still a misconception that this approach to eliminating excess fat is taking the easy way out. We’re here to tell you it’s not. In fact, liposuction is an excellent companion to a good diet and exercise routine. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. With this combination of body-contouring strategies, you stand to gain even more reward for your efforts. Here’s how.

Get a Motivation Boost

It’s no secret that we like to see results. It takes effort to stay motivated after a few weeks if there isn’t a noticeable change. We’ve been trained through modern technology to expect near-instant results in many aspects of life. We can’t blame ourselves for stretching this expectation into our health and fitness. The way we look at liposuction is not as an easy way out but as a complement to what you do daily. Liposuction can remove the stubborn midsection fat that is preventing you from seeing the muscle tone you’ve been working hard for.

Get a Boost of Confidence

Liposuction works more quickly than your diet and exercise routine. Even though it is not a substitute for either of those, it can be a perfect jumping-off point to improve your fitness. Many people who are beginning their fitness goals feel self-conscious in their workout clothes. This can be especially true for those who want the freedom of movement that comes from wearing tighter-fitting shorts, leggings, and shirts. When there is a little extra fat and jiggle in a certain area, the desire to don workout clothes and go into a gym or exercise studio may not be consistently strong. Reducing trouble areas at the onset of a fitness program can give you a boost of confidence as you make further improvements to your shape.

Spot Reduction is Possible!

Diet and exercise work together to increase vitality and improve appearance. Alone, though, these strategies cannot accomplish what many people need: spot reduction. Fitness trainers often state that we cannot spot reduce fat. Using diet and exercise alone, this is true. However, adding liposuction into the mix changes things drastically. Liposuction can eliminate stubborn fat in the midsection, thighs, backs of the arms, even the chin!

Liposuction and healthy lifestyle habits are a perfect pair for a beautiful body. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Krummen in our Cincinnati office, call 513.985.0850.

Is Now the Right Time for Liposuction?

Warmer weather is getting steadily closer, which has many of us revisiting those fitness and beauty goals we made just a few months ago. The thing about resolutions related to weight and shape is that we want to see results. Not just on the scale, either. We want to like the way we look. Often, when making new year’s resolutions, the unspoken time frame on our goals is that we want to like the way we look by summer. Well, that time is nearly here. If you have been putting in the work and aren’t seeing the benefits of it, now may be a great time for liposuction.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a body contouring procedure. It is not intended for weight loss, though people who sculpt larger areas with liposuction, such as the abdomen or the thighs, may see a small dip on the scale. Some patients may undergo liposuction with tumescent fluid, a local anesthetic, and light sedation. Others may prefer to receive general anesthesia for their surgery. After anesthesia has numbed the treatment area, small incisions are made to accommodate a thin cannula. This small tube is moved back and forth through subcutaneous fat, suctioning fat cells and leaving channels behind for surrounding fat to fill in. This results in a smooth, slim appearance.

What happens after liposuction surgery?

Liposuction is a minor surgery that does not cut or trim away tissue like many other procedures. Once the anesthesia has begun to wear off, patients are released to the care of a loved one who will take them home and stay with them for the remainder of the day. A compression garment is applied after surgery to promote shaping and to control swelling. Usually, over-the-counter medication is sufficient for pain management. Normal activities can be resumed in as little as a few days up to approximately one week, depending on the area that has been treated. By 4 to 6 weeks post-op, most normal activities can be resumed, including strenuous exercise.

Liposuction can be an excellent complement to your healthy lifestyle. To get your ideal shape by summer, contact our Cincinnati office today. Call 513.985.0850 to schedule your liposuction consultation with Dr. Krummen.

Liposuction Details to Get Right

There is an old saying that goes “the magic is in the details.” This can be said of many things in life. In our arena, we see it daily. The best results from cosmetic treatment come from some of the details that could be easily overlooked. Not only do we pay close attention to technique in the performance of surgical and nonsurgical procedures but we also prioritize clear communication. What you expect from a procedure like liposuction is one of the most important details of your journey. We want you to have the most concise information as you make your decision regarding treatment. Here, we shed some light on what you can and can’t expect from liposuction.

  • Expect to look different after liposuction but not to weigh less. The purpose of liposuction is to sculpt certain parts of the body, such as the abdomen or the thighs. There is no intention for liposuction to assist with weight loss. This is why patients are encouraged to reach their goal weight before surgery.
  • Expect maintenance. A liposuction procedure extracts a number of fat cells. These cells are gone forever and your body will not grow new ones. However, what fat cells remain in the treatment area and beyond can expand in relation to diet and exercise habits. To sustain the results achieved with liposuction, it is necessary to manage overall weight.
  • Expect the best. Recently, the idea that nonsurgical body contouring treatments are better than liposuction has become popular. Nonsurgical options can be optimal in some cases. However, they are limited in what they can achieve and they take more time to produce noticeable results than a minimally-invasive, safe liposuction procedure. Dr. Krummen routinely performs liposuction on large and small areas. In many cases, only local anesthetic is needed to make the entire process comfortable. When conducted by a qualified, board-certified surgeon, liposuction offers a wealth of benefits.

Body sculpting doesn’t have to be a struggle. To get help shaping your body, schedule a visit to our Cincinnati office.

Liposuction Results can Take a Minute

When a person decides to undergo liposuction it is because they have reached that point at which they are completely ready to see a new shape in the mirror. These days, most things come pretty easy. We don’t have to wait long to get what we want. As a result of the speed of modern society, there is often an expectation that results from cosmetic treatment like liposuction will be nearly instantaneous. We may need to press the reset button on expectations in this area.

Expectations are everything in the area of aesthetic medicine. People who undergo plastic surgery make a significant commitment to their appearance and, for this reason, are even more in need of a good dose of reality before their procedure day. Liposuction may be a minimally invasive procedure with relatively few risks of complications but the real risk is not achieving what you anticipate. In terms of results, it is important to know that liposuction will, A: not decrease weight and, B: will take some time to reach its peak.

What to Expect from Liposuction

After liposuction, there is bound to be some swelling in the surgical area. This initial swelling can take approximately 4 weeks to subside. In some cases, it takes a bit more. As swelling decreases, the final outcome of treatment becomes increasingly obvious. This provides a good idea of what the body will look like but the full effect of liposuction is typically not apparent for 6 to 12 months.

Another aspect of liposuction results is longevity. Following liposuction, our patients can expect their new shape to remain consistent so long as they are mindful about their weight. The removal of fat cells diminishes the appearance of fat in a given area but it does not prevent remaining fat cells from expanding. Fat cells in other areas are also susceptible to expansion secondary to lifestyle habits. For this reason, we encourage patients to reach their ideal weight range before liposuction and to have strategies in place to maintain their weight after treatment.

How to Help Swelling Subside after Liposuction

Swelling is the primary side effect that gets in the way of you seeing your new body. To promote healing, it is helpful to wear your compression garment as directed. Taking the garment off too soon could lead to fluid buildup and asymmetry. This would fade, but why increase your recovery time? Also, once you are able, move around. There is no rush to resume exercise, but walking and moving do promote circulation which in turn decreases the chances of fluid retention.

Is now your perfect time to get your perfect body? Call our Cincinnati office for more information regarding liposuction.

Is This the Year You and Your Double-Chin Part Ways?

Kybella, Cincinnati, OH Most people have at least a few areas of their body that they love. This often coincides with a few problem areas that cause frustration. A double-chin is just such a problem. When fatty tissue beneath the chin is prominent, it creates the illusion of extra weight in the face and sometimes even in the body. You may have a lot of appreciation for your overall body type. You may take excellent care of yourself to ease your aging process and feel good about your appearance. And yet, your double-chin may stand in the way of your highest confidence.

A double-chin may only slightly relate to weight. In most cases, the fullness that develops beneath the jawline has more to do with tissue laxity and the presence of natural subcutaneous fat that has simply become more visible than it should. If the time has come for you to part ways with a troublesome double-chin, you have options.


Liposuction isn’t just for the stomach or thighs. When submental fullness has become obvious, many people opt to have fat cells surgically removed. Neck liposuction is a short procedure during which a small cannula is inserted through a tiny incision beneath the chin. A delicate touch is used to refine the shape of the chin and jawline by removing just the right amount of fat. There is a short recovery period after neck liposuction during which swelling and bruising may accompany minor discomfort. After the area has healed, fat is gone forever.


Liposuction is a good treatment option for submental fullness in patients whose skin is still elastic enough to retract naturally after surgery. When tissue on the chin and neck are loose, a neck lift may be recommended. This may occur independently or in conjunction with liposuction to remove unnecessary fat from the area before tissue tightening takes place. Neck lift surgery tightens the muscle structure beneath the skin and removes excess tissue for optimal results. Recovery after a neck lift takes about two weeks.


Many people who wish to have a more sculpted chin and jawline have turned to Kybella, the non-surgical approach to eliminating double-chin fat. Kybella treatment includes a series of injections in many cases, though some people may achieve their desired result after just one round of injections. This injectable double-chin treatment works by dismantling the walls of fat cells so the contents of targeted cells can get metabolized by the body. Fat does not grow back after this elimination process, but it is important to remember that weight gain may affect the outcome of any kind of fat removal treatment.

Your Cincinnati plastic surgeon can help you discover the best path toward your best chin. Call 513.985.0850 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Krummen.

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