April 2021

Male Breast Reduction: Why It Makes Sense

It is unreasonable to say that every man wants a Superman chest. Many men are content with their shape even when they don’t have bulging pectoral muscles. Where we slip into a danger zone is when the chest loses all semblance of masculinity. We call this condition gynecomastia, in which a man grows female-like breasts. Gynecomastia is not always so extreme that a man has literal breasts. For some men, gynecomastia presents as puffy nipples. Regardless, the condition can be difficult to navigate. That’s why, here, we will discuss why male breast reduction makes sense for many men.

Hormonal Imbalance and the Male Body

Studies have demonstrated that, while several factors can contribute to gynecomastia, hormones play a relatively prominent role. This can be a tricky piece of information because, recognizing this correlation, some unscrupulous companies have developed “all natural” products that they claim will balance hormones and resolve the male breast problem. Clinically, this has not been proven. On the contrary, hormone balancing using herbs and other non-regulated products can be dangerous.

In some instances, hormone-related gynecomastia has been linked to medication use. In such cases, if the medication is changed, the excess breast tissue may go away on its own. This is the exception, not the rule, which is one of several reasons male breast reduction has become increasingly popular.

Reasons Men Have Gynecomastia Surgery

More Openness to Cosmetic Surgery

The United States has had a particular view of plastic surgery that is quite different than other countries. For example, in Brazil, it is quite common for men and women of all ages to have plastic surgery and to talk about what they’ve had done or plan to have done. In the States, we’ve been much more reserved about our cosmetic endeavors. Recently, it has become much more acceptable to have plastic surgery and talk about it. This switch in perspective has given men the permission (that they really didn’t need) to seek help for male breast enlargement.

Improved Sense of Self

Most people realize that their appearance is one small facet of their overall Self. Confidence and self-esteem are derived from multiple factors. Still, a man whose chest looks feminine is often subjected to cruel comments. Peers may not realize the toll that terms like “man boobs” have on one’s sense of confidence. It doesn’t matter if gynecomastia affects only the nipples or if breast enlargement involves sagging tissue, a man can suffer immense anxiety and embarrassment by his shape.

Gynecomastia surgery is a streamlined process that often involves a simple liposuction procedure. As such, men may be back to most of their normal activities within a week or so of male breast reduction. To learn more about this procedure, call 513.985.0850.

Get Your Liposuction Plan in Action Now

Every year for several years running, hundreds of thousands of people had liposuction. We experienced only a mild dip in numbers during the past year of relative lock-down in terms of our social activities. This year, as more people are looking forward to getting out more, the desire for body sculpting is once again on the upswing. We are happy to help adults of all ages feel their best. If liposuction is on your interest list, now is the time to put your plan into action. Here, we offer a few suggestions for getting a jump-start on those liposuction results.

Identify Your Goal Weight, Then Reach It

Liposuction achieves the best results in patients who have maintained their goal weight for several months. Some wonder why liposuction would be necessary if they are already at their goal weight. It is necessary because sitting at the right weight for your body frame doesn’t mean you automatically achieve the shape you want. Many people are at their ideal weight but don’t look as slim and sculpted as they’d like. Liposuction quickly removes fat from stubborn areas so clothes look better, bathing suits are more comfortable, and you generally feel great in your own skin.

Start Toning

The purpose of liposuction is not to help a person lose weight. It’s also not to make them look more toned. Removing unwanted fat with liposuction could result in unsatisfactory results if the skin is not tight and firm. In this instance, a surgeon may suggest a lift to go along with liposuction. Even when skin tone is good, though, it can be beneficial to prepare for liposuction by working the muscles. You don’t have to go crazy with the weight-lifting, but you may want to start doing yoga or Pilates to tighten up the muscles that have been obscured by excess fat.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

To reach your goal weight, you may have had to implement some diet changes or start exercising more. These habits aren’t beneficial just to get you ready for liposuction, they are also the path to long-term results. Like muscle-toning, you need not go overboard with hours of exercise every day to keep your body in good shape. The goal here is to develop an active lifestyle that supports weight management and muscle tone and also feels good to do. If you don’t love your workouts and meal plan, you won’t stick with them, so create a life that works for you.

Are you ready for a slimmer, more sculpted you? Call 513.985.0850 to schedule a consultation at our Cincinnati office.

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