October 2020

Lies about Plastic Surgery that You Shouldn’t Believe

Do you catch yourself raising your eyebrows because you feel the heaviness of your upper eyelids? Do you rely on pushup bras to give you the shape you want? There are so many strategies that people use to make themselves look a certain way that we couldn’t possibly list them all. The desire to change something about one’s appearance is not uncommon. Nearly 2 million plastic surgery procedures were performed last year alone, with another 16-plus million minimally invasive treatments topping off cosmetic services. As common as plastic surgery has become in the past several years, there are still false ideas about turning to surgery that keep people from achieving their desired goal of feeling great about how they look. We discuss two here.

“I should love my body as it is.”

If you’ve talked with someone you love about your cosmetic concerns, you may have received a response like this: “you look great just the way you are!” There is nothing wrong with this input, but it isn’t necessarily helpful, either. Plastic surgery is something that each person does for themselves and is not an indication that they don’t love their body; it means only that they wish to improve it. We often improve things that we already love and, in most cases, it makes us love them that much more! The body is no different.

Plastic surgery is the easy way out.

This is a relatively common idea about plastic surgery, especially in the U.S. In other countries, such as Brazil, it is not frowned upon for a person to have a facelift, breast augmentation, butt lift surgery, or other procedures. What this tells us is that the idea that plastic surgery is an easy way out of cosmetic concerns is learned. If you’ve wanted plastic surgery but have hesitated to consult with a plastic surgeon because you worry someone will think you’ve taken the easy way out, consider why you may think this. Having cosmetic treatment is a very personal decision and is often the choice that people make because the many steps they’ve taken to resolve their concerns haven’t provided them with the results they’ve wanted.

You deserve to look and feel your best, and we can help. Call our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Krummen.

Why You May Want to Schedule Plastic Surgery Now

Summertime is now behind us and, in years past, this has meant an increase in the number of plastic surgery procedures being performed. It makes sense! After summer is over, the kids are back in school and there are no trips on the books, at least until the holidays. We can safely say that this year is not like any other. The summer break that we tend to look forward to began in the springtime when the world hit a virtual standstill. What we may have all imagined would be a few weeks has turned into months of social distancing and staying in more often. Interestingly, this has coincided with an early start to that increase in plastic surgeries.

Have you been considering having a cosmetic procedure to address certain concerns? Many people were in that boat before COVID-19 lockdowns began. Since that time, the attendance at virtual meetings rather than in-person boardroom meetings has provided people with quite the opportunity to see themselves on screen. Many of them aren’t loving what they meet. Whether you’ve been interested in a body-contouring procedure or facial rejuvenation, now is a great time for plastic surgery. Here’s why.

The New Work Model has Advantages for Recovery

One of the primary ways that experts have tried to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus has been to mandate closures of nonessential businesses. This has led to a massive shift in our normal work model. Instead of going to the office every day, a large percentage of workers are logging on to their computers. What this may do for the person who wants plastic surgery is allow them to return to work sooner. When all that’s necessary is to log on or make phone calls, patients need only wait until they are no longer taking prescription pain medication and are feeling less of a need to rest to get back to their normal workday.

The New Social Norm is Beneficial for Facial Healing

Face and neck lifts are two of the most popular procedures at this time. We can thank all those virtual meetings and Zoom calls for that! Typically, the downtime a person takes after having one of these procedures is no less than 2 weeks. Swelling and bruising are expected side effects, and these can be noticeable even after soreness and tenderness have nearly resolved. Being that the new social norm is to wear a facemask when going out, the residual side effects of a face or neck life are much easier to conceal.

The world has changed significantly in recent months, and may not look the same as it used to once we are on the other side of the COVID-19 era. Why should you look the same? If you’re ready for a refresher for your face or body, give us a call at 513.985.0850. We’d love to help you look and feel your best!

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