February 2018

We Know What’s on Your Mind: Recovery!

We Know What’s on Your Mind: Recovery! | Plastic Surgery Procedures Cincinnati OH Patients often come into the plastic surgery office with a long list of questions. Beneath them all, though, there are only a few. One of them is what they can expect after their chosen procedure. The recovery process is sometimes what causes the most stress for potential patients. We can understand this; no one likes the idea of being down with discomfort or at risk of complications from a surgery that they want to have. Here, we want to shed a bit of light on the important matter of recovery.

Going Home After Surgery

The initial recovery in the surgical center or hospital can feel cozy. When the time comes to go home, many patients have mixed feelings. The idea of home and all of its comforts sounds good, but leaving the medical personnel behind can feel somewhat stressful. Don’t worry. We will have discussed every important detail about going home after surgery with your before your procedure. Your prescribed medications will have been filled (fill them before your surgery day!), and you should have a friend or loved on at home to look after you for a few days. Also, know that we are only a phone call away.

Post- Op Instructions

Post-op instructions are provided before the day of surgery. They are reviewed and should be reviewed again at home with whoever will be providing home care assistance. Your doctor’s instructions are very clear and should be strictly followed. These are not suggestions on how to sail through recovery; they are instructions intended to help you avoid unnecessary stress and potential complications of your recovery. The instructions that are provided to you will focus on your particular needs based on the procedure you have had.

The Recovery Process

If you’re considering plastic surgery, you probably want to know how long you will be sidelined from your normal activities. How long will it be before you can walk? When will you be able to go back to work? To the gym? These are all understandable questions, and the answers are different for everyone.

There are several factors involved in how long it takes any individual to recover from surgery. One is age; one is general health and lifestyle habits. The procedure that is performed also dictates to some extent the process of resuming normal activities.

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Patients of our Cincinnati office are provided with personal care that answers questions and prepares them for each aspect of cosmetic treatment. To schedule your visit with Dr. Krummen, call 513.985.0850.

Take the Straightest Path Toward Your Best Self

Take the Straightest Path Toward Your Best Self | Body Procedures Cincinnati OH There is a typical journey that plastic surgery patients go on. It often goes like this: a person feels dissatisfied with some aspect of their appearance. They develop the idea that cosmetic surgery or other treatment may help. They look up that surgical or non-surgical procedure online or talk with friends or colleagues to obtain information. Now, here’s the kicker . . . that person eventually schedules a formal consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. It is during this visit when they may discover the procedure they thought they needed isn’t really what they need at all.

The Matter of Fat

Often, the intent behind seeking plastic surgery is to eliminate fat that has adhered to a certain part of the body. One of the most common places affected by excess fat is the midsection. Therefore, a large number of people seek liposuction to remove abdominal fat. The real reason for seeking surgery is that they wish to have a midsection that is slimmer and firmer. Once the consultation takes place, and we understand this as the ultimate goal, we may need to suggest abdominoplasty in conjunction with liposuction. It is a misunderstanding that liposuction can address the totality of need in the midsection. Often, the looseness of skin and underlying tissue dictates that a bit more refinement is needed. If laxity exists, to only remove fat would make that problem more obvious.

The Chin and Jawline

Another procedure that has grown in popularity in recent years is the neck lift. There are complaints for which this procedure is ideal, such as loose skin on the neck, what we often call a “turkey neck.” Horizontal bands across the neck can also be reduced during a neck lift. Where many patients get surprised is when they state they want to reduce jowls at the side of the jawline. This is not a job for neck lift surgery; it falls into the realm of the face lift. To refine the neck and not address the loss of volume that has caused jowls may make this problem appear worse. The good news is that it may be possible to reduce the appearance of jowls without surgery.

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One of the aspects of professional care that makes it so special is the personal touch that goes into treatment planning. Learn more about the treatments that we may use to help you look your best. Contact our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850.

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