Breast Lift

Top Three Reasons Why a Breast Lift Is For You

Breast lift As bodies can change, so too can breasts. Pregnancy, injury, weight loss, weight gain, or just the effects of aging can all lead to an altered position of your breasts. Sagging with breasts is completely normal, but you may want to return your breasts to a familiar position.

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is ideal for those looking to change the positioning of their breasts without directly affecting their size. Here are the top three reasons why a breast lift may be for you.

  • You Want the Appearance of Volume and Size Without Getting Breast Implants 

Despite not being breast augmentation, breast lifts can look like they’ve added volume and size to your breasts without needing to go through an implant process. This is because breast tissue is rearranged, and repositioned to give the breast the appearance of more size and shape.

As your breasts become perkier through a breast lift and any excess skin is removed and shaped, your breasts can appear larger without needing breast implants.

  • You Want to Address Skin Irritation Underneath Your Breasts

Aside from helping the positioning and minimally aiding the appearance of the breast, a breast lift can also help reduce or eliminate the irritation many face on the underside of the breast.

Caused by friction from skin-to-skin contact, underside breast irritation can be uncomfortable and even lead to pigmentation or itchy rashes.

  • You Are Not Planning on Having More Children

Pregnancy can change your body and your breasts. If you undergo a breast lift procedure and then have more children, you may undo the results from your surgery.

To have effective, long-lasting breast lift results, making sure you do not plan on having more children is one of the first steps you need to take.

Dr. Donna Krummen Can Meet Your Breast Lift Goals

A breast lift has many perks and can be the right cosmetic breast surgery for you. Due to the nature of the procedure, you need a trusted, experienced surgeon. Dr. Donna Krummen is a board-certified surgeon who has been practicing for well over two decades. She has been named one of Cincinnati’s top doctors every year since 2010.

Dedicated to finding you the best solution possible, Dr. Krummen and her staff are willing to answer any questions you may have. Call today at 513-985-0850 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Why Breast Lift and Augmentation are A Powerful Pair

A woman’s body changes significantly as she goes through life. Pregnancy and nursing alone can have a profound effect on the breasts. And then there is the matter of weight, hormones, and the simple process of aging that none of us can avoid. If the physical changes of aging have left something to be desired about your appearance, you may need more than a padded or uplifting bra to achieve the improvement you really want. When surgery comes up as a solution, many women think about how a breast augmentation could help. But why stop there when a combination lift and augmentation achieves a lot more?

When a Combination Approach Makes Sense

Not every woman needs a breast lift alongside her augmentation procedure. However, it is important to recognize that augmentation on its own is intended to improve the shape and volume of the breasts only. If the breasts have begun to sag or if a woman is approaching menopause, there is good reason to explore the benefits of a breast lift. This extra procedure expertly trims excess skin to create a new and improved envelope to hold the augmented breast in a higher, perkier position.

Two Concerns met with a Single Surgical Process

There are several benefits to combining plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation and breast lift. One is that there need only be one surgery day. A single surgical process reduces costs and also limits downtime.

Learn more about Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular forms of breast enhancement performed today. The key term here, though, is breast enhancement. Patients need to know what augmentation with breast implants can do and what it cannot. Lifting the breasts higher on the chest wall sits in the “cannot” category.

Are you ready to feel more satisfied with your appearance? Call our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Krummen.

Maintaining the Results of Your Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery achieves results that appear right away and that continue to improve over the course of a few months as tissue settles. What comes next?

Understandably, any person who undergoes plastic surgery to improve an aspect of their appearance is interested in knowing how long they can expect their results to last. Breast lift surgery is performed to correct the sagging that occurs after pregnancy, breastfeeding, and aging. Even if a woman does not plan to become pregnant in the future, there is a strong likelihood that her breasts will change as she ages. Here, we offer a few suggestions on maintaining perky breasts after breast lift surgery.

Protect Collagen

One of the primary reasons why tissue ages is because collagen breaks down over time. Furthermore, the body doesn’t continue making vast quantities of collagen during adulthood. Basically, we’re losing collagen faster than we can make it. That is unless we make some simple changes. To promote lasting results from breast lift surgery, it is helpful to protect collagen. This may look like wearing sunscreen anytime the chest skin is exposed to sunlight or UV rays. It may also look like taking a time-released vitamin C supplement every day. Studies suggest that UV light breaks down collagen. Research also suggests that vitamin C is a collagen stimulator when taken regularly.

Fight Gravity the Right Way

Gravity is not something we can avoid altogether; we need it to keep our feet firmly planted on the Earth. At the same time, gravity does put some pressure on our aging skin. Some women believe that wearing a good push-up bra is a great way to fight gravity but this could actually backfire. Perky breasts rely on muscle tone to some degree and a push-up bra puts the breasts in a position where the chest muscles don’t have to do any work at all. Muscles that don’t work atrophy, which can promote breast sag. Another factor that can exacerbate the effects of gravity is weight. The heavier the breasts are, the more gravitational pull they get. Women who undergo breast lift surgery are encouraged to maintain a relatively stable weight so the fat cells in breast tissue do not expand and become heavy.

Breast lift surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years. To learn more about this procedure, schedule a consultation in our Cincinnati office.

Want to Keep Your Breasts Perky? Do This, Not That!

Breast Augmentation Cincinnati, OH Breasts can frustrate a woman. When they are too large, they get in the way and create discomfort. When they are quite small, some women feel less feminine than they’d like. When they sag, just forget about it. We can’t even. If you’re facing the physical changes that come with age, you know what we mean. If your breasts are still perky, you may still feel slightly concerned. You may wonder what you can do to keep your breasts “in good shape.” Here, we offer a few insights that can help you regardless of where your breasts fall, literally.

DO This

  • Apply sunscreen to the chest area anytime your skin is exposed. Also, use moisturizer on your chest and breasts. These steps will not reverse tissue degradation, but they can minimize it.
  • Watch your weight. Healthy eating and regular exercise are excellent strategies for maintaining an average weight. Alongside weight fluctuations, the breasts inflate and deflate, causing tissue stretching that can increase the severity of drooping.
  • Exercise the chest muscles. There is no way to completely prevent tissue sagging. The breasts contain fat, which will deflate with time. The breasts are covered in skin that will lose elasticity with age. Muscle tone is something well within each woman’s control. The more toned the pectoral muscles are, the better breast tissue may be supported to retain some degree of perkiness.
  • Wear a properly-fit, supportive bra. When we say supportive, we mean a bra that gently holds breasts in their natural position. More on this in a moment. Breasts may change over time, so regular bra fittings are recommended for every woman.
  • Consider a breast lift. Sagging breasts can be recontoured and repositioned as needed to restore height and also the appearance of fullness. Breast lift surgery can be performed on its own or in combination with breast augmentation.

DON’T Do This

  • Wear extreme push-up bras. Magazines and movies have a way of making lacy, push-up lingerie look appealing. The eye candy may be lovely and probably won’t do much harm if worn for short periods of time. But to wear a push-up bra all day, every day, that could be a problem. When the breasts are too supported, the muscles beneath them don’t have to work at all. They become lazy and lax, which could worsen droopiness.
  • Shy away from the bounce. Many women believe that they should steer clear of exercise that makes the breasts bounce. However, the connection between aerobic activity like running or dancing and sagging breasts has not been confirmed. With the support of a good sports bra, women should feel empowered to engage in any form of exercise they wish.
  • Get breast implants thinking that will solve a laxity issue. Breast implants are not immune to the effects of gravity. If you are considering breast augmentation and your breasts are already somewhat saggy, talk with your surgeon about a breast lift.

Give your breasts the help they need. Call our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Donna Krummen.

Ready to Own Your Beauty? We Can Help!

Breast Procedures Cincinnati OH Cosmetic surgery has long been a go-to for men and women who want to look and feel their absolute best. It is no secret that changing an aspect of your appearance can have a dramatic impact on your level of self-esteem. However, it is also no secret that, for this to happen, you’ve got to have a healthy self-image before having surgery. For many women, the way that body confidence reaches its all-time high is through breast enhancement.

Breast Enhancing Procedures Personalize Medicine

In aesthetic medicine, the ultimate goal is to bring out the best in a person’s appearance. There are three ways to achieve this with breast enhancement.

Breast Lift

Breast enhancement doesn’t look the same for everyone. Adding volume isn’t always the answer. In fact, more women are choosing to refine the shape of their breasts by lifting the natural tissue they currently have. Breast lift surgery is an excellent solution for women who feel their breasts have deflated and lost shape after weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or simply due to the aging process. In some situations, a breast lift is needed to reposition breasts that naturally sit low on the chest wall. This procedure may not add volume to the breasts, but the results may appear as though volume has increased due to the higher resting place on the chest.

Breast Reduction

Another way that we commonly enhance breast shape and size is through reduction procedures. Like breast lift surgery, more women are choosing to level up their self-confidence by toning down their breasts. Excessive breast tissue can be uncomfortable due to the constant pull on the neck and shoulders. Large breasts often inhibit exercise, and many women feel self-conscious about the way their clothes fit. To correct all of these problems, we refine the size of the breasts to align with the frame of the body.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation tops the charts for popular cosmetic procedures year after year. This is the case even as trends have changed. Today, fewer women are obtaining breast augmentation to radically increase size. In many cases, smaller breast implants are being selected for subtler, more natural-looking enhancement.

We love helping our patients own their beauty. To discover what that feels like, schedule a consultation in our Cincinnati office.

Did you Know that Breast Lift Surgery Can Do This?

Breast Lift Cincinnati OH | Donna Krummen MD, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery When we talk about ways to enhance the overall appearance of the breasts, it is usually breast augmentation that gets all the attention. Dr. Krummen performs numerous breast implant surgeries every year and enjoys helping women obtain the shape they desire. Sometimes, though, the problems that exist can be handled in another way: breast lifts surgery.

Why Breast Lift Surgery May be Necessary

Look, every woman is going to notice changes in the structure of her breasts at some point. This change is as inevitable as the development of lines and wrinkles on the face. The idea isn’t to prevent it; it is to support a woman’s well-being through appropriate and personal care. Breast lift surgery is performed with the intent of reinstating proper form.

How A Breast Lift Restores Form

Here are some of the ways that proper form is restored through breast lift surgery.


One of the most common complaints that women express is the sag that has occurred in breast tissue over time. Sometimes, this occurs later in life. Sometimes, breasts start to droop after weight loss or pregnancy and breastfeeding. Whatever the reason, the concern is valid. During her younger years, a woman gets used to her breasts being a littler higher up on her chest, a little perky and firm. Breast lift surgery can recreate this by literally lifting the tissue that supports the breasts.


When the hammock of tissue in which the breasts sit loses its structure, everything from position to shape changes. Breasts that used to have the volume all the way around may now carry all weight at the bottom pole, with a steep slope taking over the upper pole. Depending on the nature of degradation in supportive tissue, breasts may also appear to narrow into longer tubes (tubular breasts). Again, the key to beautiful change is to restructure the tissue that holds breasts in place. In this instance, it isn’t so much a higher position but the smaller nuances of structure that lend to voluptuousness.

Let’s Talk about The Nipples

Nipples are not pardoned from the metamorphosis of breast tissue. As a part of natural breast changes, there may be a change in the direction of the nipples. This means that they point downward instead of outward, exacerbating the saggy appearance that has developed.

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Breasts that have changed position, shape, and direction may not need extra volume. To learn more about breast lift surgery, contact our office at 513.985.0850 to schedule a consultation.

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