June 2020

Choosing Breast Implants: What Might Influence You?

Breast implant surgery has been performed for decades. It has been one of the most popular procedures since it first began and we see no evidence of that changing in the foreseeable future. What has changed and may continue to change throughout time, though, are trends related to body shape. These trends and other factors have and may influence women’s choices in breast implant size.

A few decades ago, a significant percentage of patients chose larger breast implants. At one point, the trend was to have implants so large that the look was obviously enhanced. As trends changed, more women began choosing smaller breast implants. Some of the original patients who had enhanced their breasts to unnatural-looking proportions replaced large implants with smaller ones. Today, we’re seeing another swing in trends, and women are once again going bigger, though typically not to a point of looking unnatural.

Why Women Are Going Bigger

Outside Influence

Plastic surgeons are thorough in their consultation process to ensure patients are undergoing surgery for personal reasons and not to “fix” themselves or make their bodies more appealing to any other person. This never works. Women who undergo breast enlargement for a partner or other person nearly always regret it. However, outside influence does count.


The people who influence patients interested in breast augmentation are friends, especially friends who have had breast enlargement themselves. Often, women who have increased their breast size eventually say they would have gone larger. This happens because they get used to their new, larger size. While understandable, this doesn’t mean that every woman who gets breast implants will at some point want to replace them with larger devices. Remember, breast enlargement is always a very personal decision and what is right for another person may not be right for you.

Important Factors for Breast Augmentation Patients

Getting breast implants can be life-changing in a great way. The best chance at lasting satisfaction comes with careful consideration. Some of the factors to consider include:

  • Natural body frame. Women with narrower chests may be overwhelmed by large breast implants.
  • Clothing preferences. Having larger breasts can make certain clothing styles uncomfortable or less attractive.
  • Lifestyle habits. Large breast implants may cause discomfort during exercise like jogging, dancing, or even strength-training.

Our objective is to perform breast augmentation that looks and feels as natural as possible. To learn more about this procedure, schedule a consultation at our Cincinnati office by calling 513.985.0850.

Now is a Great Time for Dermal Fillers!

A desire to look our best is not uncommon. Humans have exhibited this desire throughout hundreds of years, using a variety of strategies to ward off the cosmetic signs of aging. It’s safe to say that we have developed an array of far more sophisticated methods dermal fillers than our ancestors had at their disposal. Today, men and women who want to address their cosmetic concerns can do so with surgery like the facelift. However, far more often, we meet people who want to avoid surgery, at least for the time being. In these situations,  may be ideal. This is why.

Dermal fillers get immediate results.

Do you know that little phrase, instant gratification? Yes, it’s something we’ve come to expect these days. It’s one of the best things about dermal fillers. People come into our Cincinnati office with deep laugh lines, flat cheeks, thin lips, or depressed scars and they walk out looking quite a bit different. This is because dermal fillers deposit specific chemicals like hyaluronic acid to add volume at a precise depth beneath the skin’s surface. Because providers can see the effects of dermal fillers while they are administering treatment, there is little risk (in experienced hands) of overfilling.

Dermal filler treatment needs no downtime.

Historically, plastic surgery has been the only way to correct the signs of aging. Plastic surgery cuts and repositions tissue. This is an excellent way to achieve long-term results. However, there is some downtime needed to allow swelling and bruising to subside. With dermal fillers, we avoid that. Most patients go right back to their normal activities with minimal redness and pinpoint swelling at injection sites.

The results of dermal filler treatment last for months.

Since the first dermal fillers were developed several years ago, a number of formulations have emerged. The reason for the wide selection of dermal fillers has to do with the density of the strands of volumizing particles. Density makes some fillers great for softer areas like the lips and others ideal for adding structure to curved areas like the cheeks. While individual results can vary, softer fillers can last up to nine months, while more cohesive fillers like Juvéderm Voluma can last up to two years.

There are several benefits to getting dermal fillers in addition to those mentioned here, including the natural boost in confidence and mood that comes from feeling your best. To schedule your filler treatment with us, call 513.985.0850.

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