Lesion & Mole Removal

Beauty Mark? We don’t think so. We offer mole removal and lesion removal in our office. Cincinnati plastic surgeon Dr. Donna Krummen and staff will use state of the art techniques to artfully remove the lesion, always being mindful of less painful techniques for the comfort of the patient. (Lesions and moles with suspicious appearance may be sent to pathology if necessary, at the discretion of Dr. Krummen.)

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What to expect at your consultation

At your initial visit, we will evaluate your areas of concern and discuss options for treatment as well as expectations regarding recovery time and potential for scarring.  Once a treatment plan has been developed, we can typically remove the lesion(s) the same day. Removal of moles and other benign lesions are considered a cosmetic procedure and not covered by insurance. Mole removal starts at $250 and up, depending on the number and types of lesions removed. All costs will be clearly reviewed beforehand, no surprises!

Appropriate Benign lesions for Cosmetic Removal

- Intradermal/compound nevi (moles)
- Age and Sun spots
- skin tags
- Seborrheic keratosis
- Hemanginomas, anginomas
- Actinic keratosis
- Sebaceous hyperplasia
- Congenital nevi (birthmarks)

Treatment methods

- Shave excision
- Electrocautery ablation
- CryoCorrect PRECISION Treatment
-Excision with suture repair

What Is CryoCorrect PRECISION™ Treatment?

Dr. Donna Krummen offers one of the newest lesion removal systems, CryoCorrect PRECISION™, to help correct dark spots and remove skin tags. This treatment is a noninvasive system, able to freeze away the following unwanted skin lesions:

  • Age Spots
  • Sun Spots
  • Solar Lentigines
  • Skin Tags

This treatment is a quick, noninvasive removal system that uses Carbon dioxide (C02) to freeze away certain types of skin lesions.  When the lesion is frozen, the skin will turn a dark color that can last 3-5 days before a scab forms.  The scab may remain between 2-3 weeks after which the scab will slough off and normal healthy skin will appear.  In some cases, the healing process can vary between 4-6 weeks.


What you can expect with your treatment

All treatments will be performed by Dr. Donna Krummen or Christina Otten, CNP utilizing a local or topical anesthetic.  Treatment times are usually 30 minutes or less and typically have minimal to mild pain afterward.  In most cases, normal activities can be resumed right away.  After treatment, we will discuss ways to minimize scarring and achieve the best possible results.

Online appointment scheduling is available for removal of benign moles and lesions!

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