September 2021

Are You Asking Questions about Breast Augmentation?

Woman with perfect breasts in black bra on black background An interesting thing happens when something becomes widely popular: people stop asking questions about that thing. Let’s take breast augmentation as an example. The average person typically knows that breast augmentation is the surgery that enlarges the size of the breasts. As the most sought-after plastic surgery in America of decades, breast augmentation is also one that can be highly misunderstood, exactly for that reason. People think they know everything about this procedure, but some of those ideas could be false. We’re going to take a look at some questions all patients should be asking if they’re thinking about enhancing the size and shape of their breasts. 

  1. Will Breast Implants Look Natural?

There was a time during which breast augmentation resulted in some unnatural-looking body shapes. This is still possible, but is uncommon outside of episodes of Botched. Today, surgeons have an array of breast implant options to choose from. Options that go well beyond the limitations of saline or silicone. Through careful selection of breast type, profile, and placement, a board-certified plastic surgeon can create a new shape that not only looks natural but feels so, as well. 

  1. What is the Right Age for Breast Implants?

Some people assume that breast augmentation surgery is a “young woman’s procedure.” However, the life events that women go through – weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and hormonal shifts – can influence breast shape at any age. There is no upper-limit age restriction for breast implant surgery. Surgeons are more interested in patients’ general health, lifestyle, and surgical goals. 

  1. Is Breast Augmentation the Right Choice for Me?

Breast augmentation can be a great choice for any woman who is unsatisfied with small, unshapely breasts. That said, and this goes back to our last question about age, there are situations in which breast augmentation alone is not enough to achieve the best outcome.

The purpose of breast implant surgery is to enlarge the size of the breasts. This procedure can fill out the shape of the breasts, as well, but it does not correct ptosis. If the skin around the breast mound is excessively loose, adding breast implants may only worsen the problem. In these cases, Dr. Krummen performs a breast lift along with augmentation to restore the most beautiful, natural-looking shape.

Make the most informed decision about breast enhancement surgery. Contact our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 to schedule your consultation.

Want a Nonsurgical Lift? Consider the Value of PDO Threads!

Beautiful Woman Face Skin Care. Natural Make up. Skin Health Treatment. Model massaging Face by Hands. Beige Studio background. Fashion Girl with Closed eyes At some point, many adults look in the mirror with a bit of frustration. While we’ve come into an era in which aging gracefully actually allows for some fine lines, wrinkles, and other conditions, we may never fully embrace a world without various beauty treatments. If you’re riding that line of wanting to look like your younger self but don’t want surgical facial rejuvenation, you may love what you’re about to read. At our Cincinnati office, Dr. Krummen helps patients in your shoes by inserting durable yet imperceptible threads. The PDO Thread Lift may be your ideal beauty solution. 

What Is a PDO Thread Lift?

The PDO Thread Lift is a sophisticated nonsurgical lifting technique that has been carefully developed to achieve optimal results. While this treatment may not mimic what a facelift can do, it has proven itself a formidable rival to surgery. The way that the PDO Thread Lift works is by stabilizing the skin and underlying tissue higher across the mid face. This is possible because the biocompatible threads are specially designed to adhere to surrounding tissue as they are placed in an upward pattern. Some PDO threads are barbed and some are not. Each patient may benefit from a particular type of thread, which is discussed during their consultation. 

Because the PDO Thread Lift is not a surgical procedure and requires no incisions or tissue trimming, the procedure can comfortably be performed with a local anesthetic. Minor injections and a topical cream may be used in tandem to numb the skin and underlying tissue. This initial step can take about 20 minutes to allow the anesthetic to take full effect. Once numbing is achieved, the doctor may mark the face using a temporary surgical pen. The marks plot the placement of the threads to achieve the desired outcome. 

Threading takes from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the area or areas treated. PDO threads are commonly used to lift only the brow area. Treatment may also be performed as a type of nonsurgical facelift, focusing on the lower regions of the face. To rejuvenate appearance, the doctor inserts PDO threads using a fine, hollow cannula. This passes through the subdermal layers, grabbing loose tissue as it goes. When the needle is removed, the skin is higher and tighter. Recovery after a PDO Thread Lift is brief. While full healing happens over a two week period, the majority of swelling and activity limitations resolve in two to three days. Results can last years.

It isn’t a must that  you turn to surgery or injectables to refresh your appearance. Contact our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 to learn more about the PDO thread lift. 

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