Breast Augmentation is So Much Better Than It Used to Be

IStock 155441060 236x300Women have been seeking breast augmentation surgery for many years. Some do it because they want to improve the symmetry between their breasts. Some do it because they want their breast size to be more aligned with their frame and contouring. Whatever the reason for breast augmentation, this surgery has been one of the most popular every year for many years running. As changes have occurred in medicine, the potential for breast augmentation to achieve outstanding results has improved substantially. Here’s why it’s never been a better time to consider breast enhancement surgery.

Breast Implant Options Have Expanded

Early on in the breast augmentation game, women had choices between saline and silicone breast implants. Now, we’ve got saline implants contained within various silicone chambers. We’ve got various form-stable silicone implants that are far less likely to affect surrounding tissue should they rupture or leak. We’ve also got various implant shapes, sizes, and profiles from which to choose.

The increase in options for breast implants does not have to feel confusing, either. We help our patients determine with confidence which implant is right for them. All aspects of implants are discussed, including their predicted appearance and feel, once they drop into place.

Surgical Techniques Have Advanced

Surgical consultation for breast augmentation also looks at current breast situation and incision type. Clinical practice has confirmed that breast implants cannot resolve all problems. A skilled surgeon may recommend a lift for some patients, recognizing that tissue laxity could affect the final outcome of surgery. Breast lift surgery in conjunction with breast augmentation both enlarges breasts and repositions them to ensure they do not sag once implants have settled into place. Incision types have expanded, as well. Common incision options include around the areola and along the natural breast crease. In both areas, resulting scars may be barely noticed.

General Expectations

Trends have changed in the area of breast augmentation. Today, most patients request a size increase that achieves natural-looking proportions with the rest of the body. Having been in practice for several years, Dr. Krummen is well aware of the ways in which breast augmentation has changed, and how to harness those changes to benefit her patients. To schedule a breast enhancement consultation in our friendly office, call 513.985.0850.

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