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What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable in a class all its own. The product came about after years of extensive study of the effects of naturally occurring acids on fat cells. Through valuable research, scientists discovered that the chemical deoxycholic acid could be used to target specific cells in small regions of the body.

Deoxycholic acid is a naturally-occurring acid that is produced by the liver to aid in the breakdown of soluble fats. The presence of this chemical in the digestive process is what enables the body to process these fats in the intestines. Observing this organic relationship between deoxycholic acid and fat, researchers studied what would happen if the chemical were injected directly into the subdermal tissue. As they suspected, the result was adipocyte lysis, or the death of fat cells.

benefits of Chin Fat Reduction Treatments

Thousands of people have obtained Kybella treatment each year since this product gained FDA approval. The reason is simple: it works. Kybella is beneficial because there is no surgery involved and no general anesthesia or sedation of any kind. Side effects from treatment are mild and temporary, so there is no downtime associated with treatment. Finally, the results of Kybella treatment can be permanent because the absorption of deoxycholic acid into fat cells destroys them permanently.

Am I a Good candidate for Kybella?

Many adults are excellent candidates for Kybella. The best results are achieved when submental fulness is genetic rather than weight-related. Healthy men and women with good skin elasticity report high satisfaction with the results of their Kybella treatment.

Who Should NOT Consider Kybella Injections?

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and patients who have an active infection should not undergo Kybella treatment. Additionally, Kybella may not be suitable for individuals with excessive or loose skin or scar tissue beneath the chin. We perform a careful consultation and skin assessment to ensure the appropriateness of this non-surgical chin sculpting treatment and, if necessary, recommend alternatives that would be a better fit.

Non-Surgical Chin Fat Removal Patient Testimonial

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How long do Kybela Results Last?

As long as weight is generally maintained after treatment, the results of Kybella can last indefinitely. The chin will look more sculpted due to fat reduction. However, the skin will continue to age, and the chin may, at some point, appear loose or saggy due to the loss of elastic and skin tightness.

Kybella Before and After photos

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Kybella Before and After 3
Kybella Before and After 4


Are Double Chin Reduction Treatments painful?

Kybella requires multiple injections into a localized area. We can understand why many patients worry that their treatment will be highly uncomfortable. Using an ice pack or topical numbing cream can significantly improve the overall treatment experience.

alternatives to Kybella

Chin and neck liposuction are currently the best alternatives to Kybella and may be more appropriate in certain situations.

Kybella Risks

Kybella is generally a safe and effective technique for minimizing submental fulness. However, there is a small chance that a patient may experience excessive bleeding from injections, numbness, or difficulty swallowing. No severe adverse reactions have occurred from Kybella, and all reported cases of more intense side effects resolved within a matter of days. The risks associated with injectable treatment diminish when care is provided by an experienced, licensed professional.

Kybella side effects

Kybella treatments involve multiple injections in a carefully mapped area beneath the chin and on the upper neck (down to the “Adam’s apple”). Common side effects include redness and swelling that decrease over the course of the day after treatment.

One of the interesting side effects of Kybella treatment is swelling and a “jiggly” sensation related to the insertion of product beneath the skin. The extent and longevity of this swelling correlate with the amount of product we inject into the area. After swelling subsides, the skin may feel firm, or it may feel as though there are lumps under the epidermis. This also relates to the absorption of deoxycholic acid.

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