March 2018

Is Breast Size Standing in the Way of your Best Life?

Is Breast Size Standing in the Way of your Best Life? Breast size is something we have talked about for some time now. For the most part, the message that comes across in many conversations is that small breasts are a frustrating problem. Many women seek breast augmentation as a way to bring their body into alignment with how they view themselves. But what happens when breast size goes in the other direction? Some women with breasts too large for their frame or preference are actually told to appreciate what they’ve got. Really??

We Hear Your Concern

As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Krummen has spent a fair amount of time with women who are unhappy with the expansive size of their breasts. She has listened to their concerns and taken them to heart. In our Cincinnati office, we don’t perceive breast reduction solely as a cosmetic procedure. The refinement of shape is only one aspect of this surgery – and a relatively small aspect at that.

If you are a woman with large breasts, you are likely a woman with heavy breasts. We understand the physical pain that results from the gravitational pull on thin bra straps. Even in light of the creation of bras with wider straps, large breasts are a lot to support. It’s just a matter of fact. Maybe wider straps can minimize the indentations that usually go hand-in-hand with breast size, but they may not do much for the forward pull on the upper back, neck, and head. And there’s more.

The concerns related to large breast size don’t stop with physical discomfort. Another concern faced by women we meet is the emotional impact of being on the receiving end of unwanted attention, of not being able to find clothing that fits on top and around the midsection, of having difficulty exercising without uncomfortable pulling or pinching or constriction.

Breast Reduction in Cincinnati

We get it. Breast size is a matter of physical and emotional well-being. As such, breast reduction is not just a cosmetic surgery. Women who undergo this body-contouring procedure are able to feel more at home in their own body, and that is something to smile about.

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The Beauty of Botox

The Beauty of Botox | Wrinkle Reduction Cincinnati OH Non-surgical treatments seem to have largely taken over as the go-to approach to reducing the signs of aging. We couldn’t be happier that the men and women who visit our Cincinnati office have options for loving the way they look. In fact, we are proud to be a part of the surgery-free movement toward beauty. One of the ways we can help you offset the changes that age has caused in your appearance is to erase lines and wrinkles with Botox.

Why Choose Botox

Here’s why Botox is such as beautiful treatment option . . .

  1. Proven safety record. One of the questions prevent many potential patients from leaping injectables at all is the matter of safety. The fact that Botox is described as a “toxin” doesn’t help. What we look at with Botox is the two decades of safe use. The botulinum toxin in this product is diluted and purified to such an extent that most patients experience nothing more than the slight redness and swelling that go with any injection.
  2. Results look natural. Sure, there was a time when a few treatments here and there were being performed by inexperienced injectors, resulting in a frozen look. Today, we know enough about proper technique to know that a small amount of product is all that is needed to make a beautiful change in the facial aesthetic. At this time, Botox is routinely used in both a corrective manner and in a preventive manner. Adults from 25 to 85 can benefit from personalized treatment that introduces just enough product to smooth concerns such as frown lines and forehead lines.
  3. It’s fast. Botox is fast regarding treatment and also regarding results. Even with a brief consultation to discuss the expected outcome, the average Botox treatment takes less than half an hour, in and out. Within about a week, the full extent of muscle relaxation is reached, and the face is wonderfully rejuvenated.

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