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Grandmother Makeover: Why You Deserve It

Portrait of senior woman with blue shirt It is an honor to be a grandmother. Seeing your grandkids grow and develop will fill your heart with pride and joy. After all, it takes so much love and patience to be a good grandmother! But sometimes, being a grandmother can also take its toll on your body. As a result, many grandmothers are turning to the “Grandmother Makeover”—a term used to describe plastic surgery procedures designed specifically for older women who want to look and feel their best. Let’s explore why you deserve the Grandmother Makeover. 

The Benefits of Grandmother Makeovers

A Grandmother Makeover combines multiple cosmetic procedures to restore your youthful appearance. This could include everything from facial rejuvenation treatments like facelifts and brow lifts to breast augmentation or tummy tuck surgeries that target common areas of concern among older women. These treatments improve your appearance and make you feel more confident and empowered in your skin.

Procedures Included in a Grandmother Makeover

Grandmother Makeovers typically include a combination of cosmetic procedures customized to your specific needs and concerns. These may include:

  • Facelifts
  • Brow lifts
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Dermal fillers and injectables
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Breast augmentation
  • Tummy tuck surgery
  • Liposuction

You can achieve the look you want through these procedures.

Minimally Invasive or Non-Invasive Procedures

Unlike traditional surgical procedures, many require minimal downtime and recovery time as they are minimally invasive or non-invasive. You can often return home the same day as treatment without needing an overnight stay or significant disruption in your daily routine. These procedures are often less painful, riskier, and require less anesthesia than traditional surgical methods.

Lower Risks Compared to Traditional Surgical Options

Minimally invasive or non-invasive treatments offer many advantages. The risk of scarring, bleeding, or infection is lower when you choose these procedures over more traditional cosmetic procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation. When you choose minimally invasive or non-invasive procedures, you are making a safe decision for yourself and your family.

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Dr. Donna Krummen in Cincinnati can help you improve your appearance as a grandmother if you are ready to address it now. Call us today at 513.985.0850 to schedule a consultation.

National Women’s Physician Day: What Is It?

Portrait of six laughing women of different ages and body types sitting together National Women’s Physician Day celebrates the contributions and achievements of women in medicine. Being a female plastic surgeon in this community of dedicated professionals is an honor for Dr. Donna Krummen. This blog post will discuss the holiday and why healthcare needs diversification.

What’s National Women’s Physician Day?

The United States celebrates National Women’s Physicians Day every February 3rd. This is an opportunity for women in the medical field to celebrate their achievements and contributions. Despite the progress made, women still lack equal representation and opportunities in medicine. 

Be proud of your achievements if you are a woman in medicine. Patients should seek out and support female physicians since they bring a unique perspective and experience.

8 Reasons Healthcare Needs Diversification and Representation

There are several reasons why representation and diversity in healthcare are essential:

  1. A wide range of perspectives and experiences: Representation and diversity in healthcare ensure that patients can access a wide range of perspectives and experiences, leading to better care and outcomes.
  2. Improved access to care for marginalized communities: A diverse workforce can help reduce healthcare disparities and improve access to care for marginalized communities.
  3. Cultural competence: A diverse healthcare workforce can improve cultural competence and understanding, which can help improve the patient experience and reduce healthcare disparities.
  4. A better understanding of patient needs: A diverse healthcare workforce can better understand and cater to different patient groups’ unique needs and preferences, leading to improved patient satisfaction and better healthcare outcomes.
  5. Inclusive and welcoming environment: A diverse healthcare workforce can create an inclusive and welcoming environment for patients and staff, making healthcare more accessible and equitable for all.
  6. Encourage innovation: A diverse group of healthcare professionals brings different ideas, approaches, and experiences that can lead to more innovative solutions for the healthcare system.
  7. Better representation: Representation and diversity in healthcare ensure that patients can see themselves in their healthcare providers and feel comfortable and confident in their care.
  8. Lead by example: A diverse healthcare workforce can serve as an example for other industries and show the importance and benefits of representation and diversity.

If you want to regain your confidence in Cincinnati, contact Dr. Donna Krummen. Contact Krummen Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at 513-547-5751 to make an appointment.

Here’s How to Enjoy Lasting Results from Cosmetic Treatments

woman is swinging on a swing in summer pine forest. One of the most phenomenal feelings is to see yourself as you’ve always imagined. We witness this every day as we follow-up with patients after various plastic surgery procedures. As surgical side effects diminish, the beautiful outcome of surgery becomes more apparent. For patients who’ve refreshed using injectables, there is very little time in between their treatment and their Big Reveal. Once these improvements are out in the open to be thoroughly enjoyed, patients often want to know how long they can last. It’s important to know what you can do to prolong the beauty that has been achieved through your chosen cosmetic treatment. Here, we discuss all things maintenance.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Advice

Your post-operative care instructions may seem relatively general, but they are put together in a way that reflects familiarity with both the procedure and your unique medical history. The intent with post-op care instructions is to ease the recovery process, maximize healing, and decrease the risks of complications like infection and prolonged pain. If you have questions about your post-op care, contact the office right away. We’re here to support you!

Protect Your Skin

Sun exposure is incredibly detrimental to the skin, especially after plastic surgery or other cosmetic treatments. It is critical to understand that some UV light can permeate a thick cloud layer, and that UV light is damaging to the skin. After cosmetic treatments, make it a habit to apply about half a teaspoon of sunscreen to the face every single day. Apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen to the skin on the body that is exposed to sunlight, and strictly avoid direct UV exposure to operative areas. For example, it is not recommended to lay by the pool wearing a bikini and no sunscreen after having abdominoplasty or breast surgery.

Stay Healthy

Regardless of whether you’ve had a facelift for rejuvenation or you’ve had liposuction and a tummy tuck, there are significant benefits to maintaining a healthy diet. Clearly, eating whole, fresh foods supports weight management that can foster long-term results from body-shaping procedures. Additionally, though, this type of diet, one that is low in processed foods, salt, and sugar, nourishes the body with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work against premature aging.

Engage in Maintenance Treatments

There are ways to maintain just about every type of cosmetic improvement one gets from plastic surgery or other treatments. If you’ve had a facelift, for example, you could manage your long-term results by getting skin-tightening treatments every now and then, or by getting injectables like Botox and dermal fillers to ward off new signs of aging. If you’ve had a body-contouring procedure, consider how occasional massages or lymphatic drainage can help promote the longest-lasting physical improvement.

We love performing cosmetic treatments to help our patients feel their best, and assistance for the long-term management of their beautiful results. To schedule a consultation at our Cincinnati office, contact us at 513.985.0850.

You Absolutely Need These Two Things After Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures have been on the upswing over the past year. Whereas you might think that periods of social distancing and relative lockdown might lead to a decrease in beauty treatments, the opposite has happened. People have become more interested in procedures that will help them look and feel their best for two primary reasons. One is that many people are seeing themselves on camera on a daily basis due to the prevalence of remote-working. The other is that there is more opportunity to recover comfortably without feeling rushed to get back to life as usual. 

It doesn’t matter what type of plastic surgery you are thinking of having done. All plastic surgery involves incisions and some type of tissue disruption. While you may want to know details like how much discomfort you may feel after your procedure (Not much! You’ll have prescription medication to manage!), we’ve got a few tidbits that you really need to know if you want your recovery to go as smoothly as possible. Follow these tips and your body will thank you. 


It’s obvious that you’d need a little more rest than usual after having surgery, right? We think so, too! However, we’ve come to realize that it is incredibly difficult for most people to take advantage of their time off. Rest after plastic surgery looks like a lot of sleep, and that can be harder than you imagine. We’re not taught to prioritize sleep, nor do we put much stock in the value of just lying around when we feel like it. Before plastic surgery, you may get by with 7 to 8 hours of sleep. For a week or two after your procedure, your body may demand more like 10. Even with that, you may find yourself wanting a nap sometime during the day. We cannot stress enough how important this is to the healing process. It is when we sleep that the body produces healing chemicals. Keep that in mind if you feel the urge to push through moments of fatigue. 


Rest and mobility go hand in hand to produce a healed, regenerated body. Your post-operative instructions will probably include at least a few physical limitations. You will be advised not to strain to lift heavy objects and to avoid elevating your heart rate too much. However, you need to move your body a little bit every day. Short walks become a little longer day by day and each walk helps maintain the adequate blood circulation that is needed to prevent blood clots. A good rule of thumb is to avoid “pushing it” with the walking but to do what you can within comfortable parameters.

The recovery period is the aspect of plastic surgery that patients often feel the most nervous about. You need not feel stress during recovery. Our team is here to see you through! Schedule your plastic surgery consultation with Cincinnati surgeon Dr. Donna Krummen at 513.985.0850.

Plastic Surgery is About You, Not About Trends

Just like there are trends in fashion, hair, and makeup, we have seen trends in plastic surgery come and go. For some time, it was trendy to have very large breasts; as in breasts so large that they looked fake. Now, we have an increasing number of women removing their breast implants altogether. A few years ago, the trend was the bubble-butt or the Booty Boom. A few years before that, everyone wanted “Kylie lips.” What is important to understand about trends is that they come and go. That’s just how trends work. When considering something as significant as plastic surgery, there are many things to consider. We discuss them here.

There is No Ideal Body Type

Since the dawn of the 20th Century alone, we witnessed several different body types take the limelight. Early in the 1900s, what was called the “Gibson Girl” was the ideal. This body type was created by corsets, not by Mother Nature. In the 1920s, all women wanted to look like the Flapper, with virtually no curves. By the 1950s, it was the hourglass figure a-la Elizabeth Taylor that garnered all the attention. Just a decade later, though, society was in love with the waiflike stick-thin figure.

The point to understand here is that trends may affect your fashion choices but should not affect how you feel about your body. Your body type is determined by your genetic code. There is little control over this. There is some degree of control, though, over the smaller details, such as how tight the abdominal muscles are and how shapely the breasts are. Some of the things we can control don’t even require plastic surgery. A healthy lifestyle may be highly successful at maintaining a relatively thin frame and toned muscles.

Where Plastic Surgery Comes In

Plastic surgery can help refine various parts of the body. Various procedures that are popular include those that correct the signs of aging, that sculpt the body after pregnancy or weight loss, and that enhance features that are naturally small, such as the breasts.

What is necessary for plastic surgery to be successful is that it bring more harmony to the face or body. Undergoing plastic surgery to achieve the current “ideal” could lead to dissatisfaction or even self-consciousness within just a few years. We want to empower our patients to know that they, not societal trends, determine what is ideal for them. When plastic surgery is approached from this perspective, it can lead to years of heightened self-confidence.

Explore your options for facial or body enhancement with us. Call 513.985.0850 to schedule an appointment with board-certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Donna Krummen in our Cincinnati office.

Lies about Plastic Surgery that You Shouldn’t Believe

Do you catch yourself raising your eyebrows because you feel the heaviness of your upper eyelids? Do you rely on pushup bras to give you the shape you want? There are so many strategies that people use to make themselves look a certain way that we couldn’t possibly list them all. The desire to change something about one’s appearance is not uncommon. Nearly 2 million plastic surgery procedures were performed last year alone, with another 16-plus million minimally invasive treatments topping off cosmetic services. As common as plastic surgery has become in the past several years, there are still false ideas about turning to surgery that keep people from achieving their desired goal of feeling great about how they look. We discuss two here.

“I should love my body as it is.”

If you’ve talked with someone you love about your cosmetic concerns, you may have received a response like this: “you look great just the way you are!” There is nothing wrong with this input, but it isn’t necessarily helpful, either. Plastic surgery is something that each person does for themselves and is not an indication that they don’t love their body; it means only that they wish to improve it. We often improve things that we already love and, in most cases, it makes us love them that much more! The body is no different.

Plastic surgery is the easy way out.

This is a relatively common idea about plastic surgery, especially in the U.S. In other countries, such as Brazil, it is not frowned upon for a person to have a facelift, breast augmentation, butt lift surgery, or other procedures. What this tells us is that the idea that plastic surgery is an easy way out of cosmetic concerns is learned. If you’ve wanted plastic surgery but have hesitated to consult with a plastic surgeon because you worry someone will think you’ve taken the easy way out, consider why you may think this. Having cosmetic treatment is a very personal decision and is often the choice that people make because the many steps they’ve taken to resolve their concerns haven’t provided them with the results they’ve wanted.

You deserve to look and feel your best, and we can help. Call our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Krummen.

Why You May Want to Schedule Plastic Surgery Now

Summertime is now behind us and, in years past, this has meant an increase in the number of plastic surgery procedures being performed. It makes sense! After summer is over, the kids are back in school and there are no trips on the books, at least until the holidays. We can safely say that this year is not like any other. The summer break that we tend to look forward to began in the springtime when the world hit a virtual standstill. What we may have all imagined would be a few weeks has turned into months of social distancing and staying in more often. Interestingly, this has coincided with an early start to that increase in plastic surgeries.

Have you been considering having a cosmetic procedure to address certain concerns? Many people were in that boat before COVID-19 lockdowns began. Since that time, the attendance at virtual meetings rather than in-person boardroom meetings has provided people with quite the opportunity to see themselves on screen. Many of them aren’t loving what they meet. Whether you’ve been interested in a body-contouring procedure or facial rejuvenation, now is a great time for plastic surgery. Here’s why.

The New Work Model has Advantages for Recovery

One of the primary ways that experts have tried to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus has been to mandate closures of nonessential businesses. This has led to a massive shift in our normal work model. Instead of going to the office every day, a large percentage of workers are logging on to their computers. What this may do for the person who wants plastic surgery is allow them to return to work sooner. When all that’s necessary is to log on or make phone calls, patients need only wait until they are no longer taking prescription pain medication and are feeling less of a need to rest to get back to their normal workday.

The New Social Norm is Beneficial for Facial Healing

Face and neck lifts are two of the most popular procedures at this time. We can thank all those virtual meetings and Zoom calls for that! Typically, the downtime a person takes after having one of these procedures is no less than 2 weeks. Swelling and bruising are expected side effects, and these can be noticeable even after soreness and tenderness have nearly resolved. Being that the new social norm is to wear a facemask when going out, the residual side effects of a face or neck life are much easier to conceal.

The world has changed significantly in recent months, and may not look the same as it used to once we are on the other side of the COVID-19 era. Why should you look the same? If you’re ready for a refresher for your face or body, give us a call at 513.985.0850. We’d love to help you look and feel your best!

There’s Still Time to Up Your Wedding Game

Plastic Surgery Procedures Cincinnati OH If you have one or more weddings to attend this summer, you have reason to want to look your best. Weddings are a time of uninhibited celebration. Whether you’re standing beside your best man, your best friend, or are sitting in a sea of well-wishers, you can’t be uninhibited in your celebration if you’re concerned with some aspect of your appearance. We get it. And we can help you address the issues you may have thought were beyond help before the Big Day. Here are a few of the concerns we can address when you visit our Cincinnati office.

Focusing on the Eyes

The tissue around the eyes changes as underlying support diminishes.  A pre-wedding refresher can prevent lines from being what you notice most in all those photos of yourself from the special event. With just a few weeks to spare, it is possible to permanently revitalize the eye area with blepharoplasty on the upper or lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty repositions fatty tissue and trims loose skin to smooth away undereye bags or drooping upper eyelids. With a recovery time of only about 2 weeks, blepharoplasty is a great option for anyone who wants to look amazing for a wedding and long after.

The eyes can be rejuvenated without surgery, too. With only days to spare, a special guest or even a guest of honor can address undereye bags, furrowed brows, worry lines, crow’s feet and droopy eyebrows without concern of lingering side effects. This can be achieved with injectables like Botox and dermal fillers, both of which can reach peak effects in 5 to 7 days.

A Better Body in No Time

A summertime wedding is an excellent opportunity to dress to impress. Often, stubborn weight makes it difficult to choose that special outfit we’d love to wear for an event. You may have spent the last several months eating well and working out to the best of your ability and still be staring at a few extra pockets of fat here and there. It’s not too late to schedule liposuction to resolve this issue before the Big Day. Often, liposuction can be performed using local anesthesia only. Downtime after treatment is needed to help swelling and bruising disappear, but this usually does not extend beyond 2 weeks.

Get wedding ready with us! Call our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 to explore our menu of services.

We Know What’s on Your Mind: Recovery!

We Know What’s on Your Mind: Recovery! | Plastic Surgery Procedures Cincinnati OH Patients often come into the plastic surgery office with a long list of questions. Beneath them all, though, there are only a few. One of them is what they can expect after their chosen procedure. The recovery process is sometimes what causes the most stress for potential patients. We can understand this; no one likes the idea of being down with discomfort or at risk of complications from a surgery that they want to have. Here, we want to shed a bit of light on the important matter of recovery.

Going Home After Surgery

The initial recovery in the surgical center or hospital can feel cozy. When the time comes to go home, many patients have mixed feelings. The idea of home and all of its comforts sounds good, but leaving the medical personnel behind can feel somewhat stressful. Don’t worry. We will have discussed every important detail about going home after surgery with your before your procedure. Your prescribed medications will have been filled (fill them before your surgery day!), and you should have a friend or loved on at home to look after you for a few days. Also, know that we are only a phone call away.

Post- Op Instructions

Post-op instructions are provided before the day of surgery. They are reviewed and should be reviewed again at home with whoever will be providing home care assistance. Your doctor’s instructions are very clear and should be strictly followed. These are not suggestions on how to sail through recovery; they are instructions intended to help you avoid unnecessary stress and potential complications of your recovery. The instructions that are provided to you will focus on your particular needs based on the procedure you have had.

The Recovery Process

If you’re considering plastic surgery, you probably want to know how long you will be sidelined from your normal activities. How long will it be before you can walk? When will you be able to go back to work? To the gym? These are all understandable questions, and the answers are different for everyone.

There are several factors involved in how long it takes any individual to recover from surgery. One is age; one is general health and lifestyle habits. The procedure that is performed also dictates to some extent the process of resuming normal activities.

Schedule a Consultation

Patients of our Cincinnati office are provided with personal care that answers questions and prepares them for each aspect of cosmetic treatment. To schedule your visit with Dr. Krummen, call 513.985.0850.

Take the Straightest Path Toward Your Best Self

Take the Straightest Path Toward Your Best Self | Body Procedures Cincinnati OH There is a typical journey that plastic surgery patients go on. It often goes like this: a person feels dissatisfied with some aspect of their appearance. They develop the idea that cosmetic surgery or other treatment may help. They look up that surgical or non-surgical procedure online or talk with friends or colleagues to obtain information. Now, here’s the kicker . . . that person eventually schedules a formal consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. It is during this visit when they may discover the procedure they thought they needed isn’t really what they need at all.

The Matter of Fat

Often, the intent behind seeking plastic surgery is to eliminate fat that has adhered to a certain part of the body. One of the most common places affected by excess fat is the midsection. Therefore, a large number of people seek liposuction to remove abdominal fat. The real reason for seeking surgery is that they wish to have a midsection that is slimmer and firmer. Once the consultation takes place, and we understand this as the ultimate goal, we may need to suggest abdominoplasty in conjunction with liposuction. It is a misunderstanding that liposuction can address the totality of need in the midsection. Often, the looseness of skin and underlying tissue dictates that a bit more refinement is needed. If laxity exists, to only remove fat would make that problem more obvious.

The Chin and Jawline

Another procedure that has grown in popularity in recent years is the neck lift. There are complaints for which this procedure is ideal, such as loose skin on the neck, what we often call a “turkey neck.” Horizontal bands across the neck can also be reduced during a neck lift. Where many patients get surprised is when they state they want to reduce jowls at the side of the jawline. This is not a job for neck lift surgery; it falls into the realm of the face lift. To refine the neck and not address the loss of volume that has caused jowls may make this problem appear worse. The good news is that it may be possible to reduce the appearance of jowls without surgery.

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One of the aspects of professional care that makes it so special is the personal touch that goes into treatment planning. Learn more about the treatments that we may use to help you look your best. Contact our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850.

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