May 2020

Yes, It’s Still a Good Time to Focus on Yourself!

Stress is a fact of life. If this fact was not clear before the first few months of 2020, it certainly is now. While it has become apparent that there is no way to eliminate the stressors of being human, we can also focus on other facts; facts like we have a great deal of control over our responses to what happens in life. Stress in and of itself is not doom-and-gloom. It just is. And it is something we can get through with a fair amount of grace. Here, we discuss how focusing on yourself is an integral aspect of managing life’s more stressful times.

Relaxation is Not a Luxury

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.” ~ Mark Black

The very idea of relaxing can create a disturbance for many of us. We’ve learned to observe relaxation as something we have to earn. We relax when we go on vacation, which we earn by working 40 hours a week for more for several months. We relax on the weekends after those long hours at work, but only if the essential household chores are done. You get the picture. To relax is to luxuriate in a well-earned reward. If we look at this quote by Mark Black, the first heart-transplant recipient to complete a marathon, we can begin to develop a new perspective; one that depicts relaxation as a matter of health.

In fact, studies have shown that, when we relax, our blood flows more efficiently through the body. Our muscles relax and our nervous system slows down enough to stop pumping out so much cortisol. In this state, we become better decision-makers, more positive thinkers, and better protected from illness.

Self-Care Includes a Strong Gratitude Practice

In times of stress, it can be difficult to grasp onto something to feel grateful for. With a strong gratitude practice, this becomes easier. A little deep breathing can create space for the mind to find the little things that bring joy. We can be grateful for the rising sun, a little rain or sunshine, or the feel of cool grass beneath our feet. There is no “right” way to practice gratitude, but there is a need to do it. Why? Because studies show that people who do this sleep better, experience more positive emotions, feel more energized, and have stronger immune systems, even in times of stress.

We’re Here for You

It’s been a bit of a year so far, no one can deny that. In times of stress, though, it is possible to also experience relaxation, gratitude, and other positive states. In our Cincinnati office, we offer the simple pleasures of beauty to help you focus on you and the joy that comes from feeling your best. To schedule an appointment with us for injectables, microneedling, or other beauty treatments, call 513.985.0850.

When Can I Work Out After Male Breast Reduction?

Male breast reduction has become a popular procedure for men who are tired of living with enlarged breasts. We call this condition gynecomastia. It is also commonly referred to as “man boobs.” Gynecomastia may develop for many reasons, from weight to hormones to certain medications. To correct the enlargement of the breasts, many men turn to diet and exercise. This is not a bad option; it just doesn’t always work. If you have found that diet and exercise have not improved your chest contours, you may be an excellent candidate for male breast reduction in our Cincinnati surgical center.

Dr. Krummen has treated many men for gynecomastia. Some can improve with liposuction, the procedure that removes fat cells. More often, it is necessary to remove fat cells as well as the breast gland. This is because an overactive breast gland is often the underlying cause of excessive breast tissue growth. When gynecomastia has been severe and has persisted for a long time, enlarged breasts may also need to be reshaped by removing excess, sagging tissue. Each gynecomastia surgery is unique. This makes it difficult to answer one of the most common questions men have about their journey: when can they work out again?

Working Out After Male Breast Reduction

Each patient knows what their procedure will involve well before they undergo surgery. Understanding the nature of their procedure helps each of our patients navigate their best recovery. Generally, patients should expect to take several weeks off their normal exercise routine. Strength-training and weight-lifting are out of the question, as forcing the chest muscles to contract too soon could lead to complications such as bleeding, bruising, and prolonged tissue trauma.

What patients can do after gynecomastia surgery is walk. If activity is a must, a man may begin walking 15 to 30 minutes a day as soon as the day after surgery. Walking does not mean hiking and it does not mean jogging. The kind of walking we’re talking about is more of a stroll. The objective is not to exercise (we don’t want the heart rate to increase) but to move the body and encourage good circulation through healing tissues. This helps repair and rebuild.

When Can Strength Training Resume?

It is imperative to recognize that gynecomastia surgery has cut and stitched the muscle and skin on the chest. Muscle contractions can cause incisions to re-open if done too soon. In most cases, strength training can gradually resume after the 4- or 6-week post-surgical follow-up visit with Dr. Krummen. After that time, incisions should be completely closed. Still, patients are advised to begin lifting very light weights; 3 to 5 lb free weights and only a few reps.

The Wait is Worth It

Gynecomastia surgery may incur a recovery period of approximately six weeks. However, the outcome of surgery and a healthy recovery can last indefinitely. The wait to resume strength-training is worth it.

Are you ready to eliminate man boobs for good? Call our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 to schedule your consultation for male breast reduction.

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