March 2021

Raise Eyebrows with Your Rejuvenated Appearance

Have you begun to notice that your eyes look different as you’ve gotten older? Have others? Maybe you’re asked more often than you’d like, “are you ok?” When we think of aging, we may consider how creases and wrinkles make us look older. We usually don’t think about the way changing musculature and skin volume might cause the eyebrows to descend over the eyes. This area of the face is not immune from aging. The various tissue-changes that occur can not only cause the eyebrows to droop but usually also cause the face to take on a certain vibe. That could be tired, angry, sad, or worried. None of these perpetual expressions are appealing to most people. A brow lift could be the ideal solution.

What Happens to the Forehead and Brows?

Aging doesn’t just affect the skin; it affects subcutaneous tissue, muscle, and the very bone structure that gives the face a contoured foundation. When it comes to the upper third of the face, there are multiple muscles at play. One set of muscles pulls the eyebrows upward toward. Another pulls them down and together. Each person makes unique facial expressions throughout their life, which results in a particular pattern of upper face creases. Facial expressions may also dictate which part of the brow line droops. In addition to the weakening and contractions of muscles across the forehead, the eyebrows are affected by thinning skin and the loss of volume in the fat pads that plump all areas of the face.

Lifting the Aging Brow Line

In recent years, Botox has become one of the most popular methods of correcting a sagging brow. Nonsurgical lifts are ideal in some cases but they do have their drawbacks. For more impressive results that last for years, some patients choose a surgical brow lift. There are a few common techniques that a surgeon may use.

A coronal brow lift accesses muscle and other tissue through an “open” incision. This runs from ear to ear across the top of the head. The incision sits behind the hair line, where the resulting scar cannot be seen. After making the incision, the surgeon lifts the skin and repositions muscle and fatty tissue to correct laxity. The skin is draped so that the eyebrows sit appropriately along the upper orbital rim, the bony ridge over the eye. Skin is trimmed and incisions are closed.

An endoscopic brow lift is performed through multiple small incisions, also hidden behind the hair line. Through one incision, the surgeon inserts a tube with a camera on the end. This endoscope provides visualization of the surgical field. Through other incisions, tiny instruments are inserted. These reposition muscle and other tissue to correct brow ptosis. Incisions are closed with stitches.

Regardless of technique, brow lift surgery can achieve outstanding results that last many years. To learn more about this procedure, call our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850.

Bring Back that Youthful Vibe with a PDO Thread Lift

The effects of gravity are inescapable, as are the age-related changes that occur in the body. Together, these two factors alone can result in weakened, sagging skin. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Krummen has seen the benefits of procedures like facelift surgery time and time again. Still, there must be options aside from the surgical lift. In our Cincinnati office, that option is the nonsurgical PDO thread lift.

What is a Thread Lift?

Thread lifts are not new. They were first introduced many years ago but never quite took hold. Over time, technique and technology improved to create a reliable nonsurgical lift. The PDO thread lift is a minimally-invasive process performed in the office in under an hour. Patients are pre-treated with a local anesthetic that numbs their skin and underlying tissue. While the numbing medication is taking effect, Dr. Krummen may mark the area or areas she will treat. Threads are selected based on the size of the treatment area and are inserted into subcutaneous tissue in the appropriate position to lift the skin upward and slightly outward.

PDO threads are biocompatible polydioxanone suture material, which has a long history of clinical use. Cosmetically, PDO threads have been used to lift the brows, the lower face and jawline, arms, breasts, and buttocks. When inserted beneath the skin, the suture material stimulates collagen production that continues for up to several months. The threads themselves gently adhere to the tissue around them, repositioning the skin to look smoother, firmer, and younger. Threads absorb in four to six months.

Could a Thread Lift be Right for You?

If you wish to revitalize your appearance without undergoing more extensive surgery, you may be a good candidate for the PDO Thread Lift. It is important to consult with an experienced surgeon who can discuss with you what a thread lift may accomplish based on the condition of your skin and underlying tissue. While PDO thread lifts are reliable, there are limitations to what can be achieved using this technique. Our goal is always to achieve the best outcome possible using the most appropriate technique. In some cases, surgery may be the more beneficial option.

Learn more about the benefits of a PDO Thread Lift. Call 513.985.0850 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Krummen.

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