October 2017

Why Liposuction Isn’t About Your Weight

Liposuction | Dr. Donna Krummen | Cincinnati, OH Millions of people have refined the shape of their body with help from a reputable cosmetic surgeon. There is a reason why liposuction has been on the list of leading cosmetic procedures year after year, and there are also reasons why some people conclude (prematurely) that liposuction isn’t for them. It is a fact that liposuction is a method of removing excess fat from one or more areas of the body. That very fact is where ideas may go awry; where assumptions about what liposuction is, and who it is “good” for, are made.

Do you believe ideas like “liposuction is for overweight people”? If you do, you want to keep reading so you can see what liposuction is all about.

A More Accurate Description

One way to fast-track your understanding of liposuction is to change its description from fat-reduction surgery to body-contouring surgery. To do this means that ideas about liposuction and weight can be put to rest.

  • Liposuction will not make you weigh less. Most patients who undergo liposuction on an area such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips, or thighs notice very little change in overall weight if any at all. The removal of fat is relatively little compared to the change in physique that occurs as swelling subsides after surgery.
  • Liposuction shouldn’t be ruled out if you’re thin. The best results from liposuction are achieved when a patient is ten to twenty pounds within range of their ideal weight. Being that close to your ideal may cause you to believe you should only rely on diet and exercise, but we all know how difficult that can be. With liposuction, that last little bit of muffin-top can be finished off.
  • Fat will redistribute to other areas after liposuction. If the scale doesn’t change, does that mean fat that remains is redistributed, or that it will grow back? No. Fat cells do not grow back, nor do they move elsewhere. However, it is possible to gain weight after liposuction if care is not taken to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

In many cases, liposuction is the answer to stubborn fat, not only around the midsection but in areas as small as the backs of the arms and the chin. Learn more about this beneficial procedure in a consultation with your Cincinnati cosmetic surgeon. Call 513.985.0850.

Don’t Mistake Cosmetic Treatment as an “Older Person” Thing

Non-Surgical Treatment | Donna Krummen | Cincinnati, OH As a human race, we have long admired the beauty of youthfulness. Over the years of evolution in aesthetic medicine, a primary objective has been to assist older individuals in maintaining a more youthful appearance. In recent years, though, we have begun to notice a shift. Non-surgical and surgical cosmetic treatments are no longer regarded with the same hesitancy that they once were. We are more willing to talk about our concerns, and about our interest in professional anti-aging treatments. Not only that, but we are willing to do so at a much younger age.

The very nature of anti-aging treatments may seem contradictory to the younger generation. When you’re young, you need to do very little to maintain a lively appearance. Aside from daily skin care, what does the twenty- or thirty-something need? A lot, it turns out. The youngest adult age group is just gaining momentum in their interest in cosmetic treatments, and it is serving them well.

Injectables and the Young Adult

Why would men and women in their twenties and thirties visit our Cincinnati office for treatment with Botox? Because they want to preserve youthfulness! The preventive use of Botox is believed to accomplish two things. First, less product is needed to achieve the intended outcome. Second, when muscles are slightly relaxed before dynamic wrinkles have developed, their onset may occur later than it would otherwise.

Why would younger adults want dermal fillers? Because they want to enhance what Mother Nature gave them! The use of dermal fillers is not only to smooth existing wrinkles. Two goals that are easily achieved with dermal fillers that aren’t related to aging include lip plumping and reduction of under eye bags.

Cosmetic Surgery and the Young Adult

Trends in cosmetic surgery suggest that younger adults are no less interested in maintaining their face and body than older individuals. Several cosmetic surgery procedures are popular among twenty- and thirty-somethings, including:

  • Breast enlargement
  • Breast reduction (men and women)
  • Liposuction
  • Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)
  • Ear surgery (Otoplasty)

No matter your age, we can empathize with your desire to feel great. To learn more about surgical and non-surgical treatments to aid your aging process, call 513.985.0850.

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