Resolve to Get Back What You’ve Lost

Botox, Cincinnati, OH As much as there is to gain throughout life, there are also losses. With age, you have gained wisdom and insights that only life could teach you. Simultaneously, your body has lost collagen structure and the energy that is required for cellular regeneration. Ultimately, we all tend to lose that youthful vibe we grew to love and appreciate during early adulthood. The fortunate aspect of getting older today is that we can have the best of both worlds. If you’ve resolved to get back a bit of your youthful appearance, we have multiple ways to help you.

Short-Term Gains

Usually, when a person has reached the point where they want to reconnect with their younger self, they appreciate fast results. There is value on the various short-term fixes available today. Injectables like Botox and dermal fillers are immediately affordable. They are convenient; just drive to our Cincinnati office and get treated. They are effective and safe. This makes injectables nearly perfect. The only potential downside is that the results achieved are temporary. Wrinkle-reduction with Botox lasts an average of four months. Dermal fillers, depending on the type and where they are used, can last up to two years.

Long-Term Gains

You might expect us to jump to cosmetic surgery and the permanent improvements that can be achieved with procedures like blepharoplasty or a facelift. Actually, we want to touch on the middle ground. From our experience, we see the benefits of midline treatments; those that work differently than injectables but aren’t as aggressive as surgery. In our office, patients appreciate the results they can achieve with treatments like:

•Microneedling, a collagen induction treatment that encourages the dermis to rejuvenate itself by creating micro-wounds that heal almost immediately.

•Plasma Pen affects the fibroblasts that make collagen. In a short treatment session, this technique creates micro-wounds at the precise depth needed to rebuild a tighter, smoother foundation for the skin.

•PDO Thread Lift treatment can be completed on your lunch hour with nothing more than local anesthetic and a discerning eye. This innovative treatment involves surgical sutures around which superficial tissue adheres. The direction of insertion is performed to gently and naturally lift the skin to appear smoother and younger. Additionally, before the sutures naturally dissolve, their presence provokes a strong response in which collagen remodeling occurs.

Whether you choose a surgical or non-surgical approach, your Cincinnati plastic surgeon Dr. Donna Krummen can help you get back what time has taken from your facial aesthetic. Contact us at 513.985.0850 to schedule your consultation.

Could Cosmetic Treatment be the Key to a Happier New Year?

Facial Rejuvenation Cincinnati, OH For many years now, the question regarding cosmetic improvement and overall happiness has been well-studied. While the only claim that can be made about the various surgical and non-surgical treatments frequently sought today is that they can correct cosmetic concerns, there is mounting evidence that a positive change in appearance can and often does provoke positive emotional change, as well.

In one European study of more than 1,500 patients, some who had undergone elective cosmetic surgery and some who had not, the patients who underwent various procedures self-reported positive psychological and social effects. These patients used terms like “less anxious,” “more attractive,” “whole,” and “healthier” to describe their general feelings after cosmetic surgery.

The European study confirmed findings that had been revealed in a previous study out of Cornell University. In this 2008 study, 95% of participants who had undergone breast lift surgery stated a sensation of improved well-being after their procedure. Patients who had undergone facial cosmetic treatments reported feeling more satisfied with their appearance and less anxious in general. Observation of 105 patients who had undergone various surgical procedures to improve appearance found that the majority of them reported massive improvement in the quality of life, including better relationships and social success, six months after surgery.

Cause and Effect

Numerous studies have indicated that facial expression is the basis for much of human interaction. Just by observing a person’s face, we develop a perception of their character and personality. Research in which images revealing specific facial characteristics were observed confirmed that most people perceive heavy eyelids, drooping brows, and downturned corners of the mouth as unfriendly or angry.  Regardless of the natural cause for these characteristics, facial aging, the effect is that people may be less likely to approach someone who appears angry, tired, and generally unapproachable.

We often assume that facial rejuvenation procedures such as blepharoplasty, brow lift surgery, and even injectable treatments are all about looking younger. Not so. When you visit our Cincinnati office, we can also help you bring more friendliness to your face.

Contact us to learn more about surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation at 513.985.0850.

The Beauty of Botox

The Beauty of Botox | Wrinkle Reduction Cincinnati OH Non-surgical treatments seem to have largely taken over as the go-to approach to reducing the signs of aging. We couldn’t be happier that the men and women who visit our Cincinnati office have options for loving the way they look. In fact, we are proud to be a part of the surgery-free movement toward beauty. One of the ways we can help you offset the changes that age has caused in your appearance is to erase lines and wrinkles with Botox.

Why Choose Botox

Here’s why Botox is such as beautiful treatment option . . .

  1. Proven safety record. One of the questions prevent many potential patients from leaping injectables at all is the matter of safety. The fact that Botox is described as a “toxin” doesn’t help. What we look at with Botox is the two decades of safe use. The botulinum toxin in this product is diluted and purified to such an extent that most patients experience nothing more than the slight redness and swelling that go with any injection.
  2. Results look natural. Sure, there was a time when a few treatments here and there were being performed by inexperienced injectors, resulting in a frozen look. Today, we know enough about proper technique to know that a small amount of product is all that is needed to make a beautiful change in the facial aesthetic. At this time, Botox is routinely used in both a corrective manner and in a preventive manner. Adults from 25 to 85 can benefit from personalized treatment that introduces just enough product to smooth concerns such as frown lines and forehead lines.
  3. It’s fast. Botox is fast regarding treatment and also regarding results. Even with a brief consultation to discuss the expected outcome, the average Botox treatment takes less than half an hour, in and out. Within about a week, the full extent of muscle relaxation is reached, and the face is wonderfully rejuvenated.

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