April 2018

Is Vein Treatment What You Need for a Great Summer?

Spider Veins Treatment Cincinnati OH As summer quickly approaches, there is a collective push among men and women of all ages to “get in shape.” What that means, exactly, differs from one person to another. We often head into summer with ideas of losing weight or lifting sagging skin. Women may consider enhancing the shape of their breasts, or tightening their midsection so they love their bikini-ready look. These are all great ideas, but there’s more. Spider veins pose a problem for millions of people, and yet we don’t often talk about what to do to get rid of them. That’s what we want to do here.

Spider veins are not a new problem, nor are they something that requires a complicated process of treatment. For years, sclerotherapy has been the go-to method of eliminating webs of visible red and purple veins on the legs and ankles. This proven treatment works by introducing a particular chemical agent into a visible vein. This medication causes slight inflammation within the vein that causes it to collapse. As this happens, blood flows through other nearby vessels without interruption. The collapsed veins get absorbed and disappear. It’s so simple; you’d think everyone would get treated!

Details that Can Help You Move Forward

  • Sclerotherapy is fast and comfortable. There is no reason to fear the treatment that will give you your legs back. Sclerotherapy involves a tiny needle. Also, numbing gel can be applied before treatment to minimize the sensation of tiny pinpricks. Finally, veins have no nerve-endings so no pain originates from them. Each treatment takes as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour, depending on how many veins require treatment.
  • Most normal activities can be resumed right after sclerotherapy without any discomfort. Patients may be instructed to wear compression stockings as a way to increase the efficiency of vein closure. Compression also supports good circulation through the calf muscles, which decreases risk for future veinous insufficiency.
  • Tanning should be postponed until all sclerotherapy treatments have been completed. Studies have shown that the mild irritation caused by sclerosing medication may cause discoloration on the skin if UV exposure occurs too soon after treatment.
  • Only one treatment may be needed to achieve results, but this cannot be guaranteed. Some patients need one or more follow up treatments to eliminate veins that did not close after initial injections.

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Just Like Your Body, Your Tummy-Tuck Will be Unique

Full Tummy Tuck vs. Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery Cincinnati OH There is no arguing the fact that weight loss is an important achievement. Likewise, motherhood is an aspect of a woman’s life that can bring her a great deal of satisfaction. Where each of these feats can be beneficial, there is often a downside. Anytime there is a fluctuation in weight; there is a chance of muscle separation and laxity in both muscle and skin tissue. These problems can be persistently frustrating because they do not always respond to diet and exercise as one would like.

Stubborn belly fat may not be the real problem. When musculature and skin are involved, appropriate treatment may be to tighten them with precision technique. Abdominoplasty, or the tummy tuck procedure, is an excellent method of restoring the smooth, supple tone of the midsection. Here, we want to discuss how a tummy tuck is customized to meet specific needs.

The Mini-Tuck

Not everyone needs a dramatic transformation to look the way they want. Many of our patients gain a great deal of satisfaction with their shape as a result of a customized mini-tuck. Good candidates for this technique have:

  • Good muscle and skin tone in the upper abdomen.
  • Concerns related to loose skin and a little extra bulge in the lower abdomen, beneath the belly button.
  • Good overall health and manage weight (within about 10 pounds of ideal body weight).

If skin laxity and muscle tone are loose in the area around and above the belly button, a full tummy tuck may be recommended for optimal results.

The Full Tummy Tuck

The full tummy tuck is a more popular procedure, especially for mothers, due to the widespread changes in muscle structure related to pregnancy. This surgical technique involves a hip-to-hip incision, and the removal of excess skin, including that affected by stretch marks. Beneath the skin, the muscles of the abdominal wall are also stitched into a tighter frame. Depending on the extent of excess fat, liposuction may also be performed.

The clear benefit of the full tummy tuck is that more dramatic results can be seen after a short recovery period. The incision scar is positioned in an area where it is not visible over a bikini or underwear. The incision for a mini-tuck is located in the same area, but typically spans only four to eight inches, rather than all the way across. Therefore, the surgical scar is shorter, but not necessarily better hidden.

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Choosing between a full tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck doesn’t have to be difficult. The answer is in the results. Learn more about this procedure by contacting our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850 for a personal consultation with Dr. Krummen.

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