August 2019

Breast Augmentation is So Much Better Than It Used to Be

Women have been seeking breast augmentation surgery for many years. Some do it because they want to improve the symmetry between their breasts. Some do it because they want their breast size to be more aligned with their frame and contouring. Whatever the reason for breast augmentation, this surgery has been one of the most popular every year for many years running. As changes have occurred in medicine, the potential for breast augmentation to achieve outstanding results has improved substantially. Here’s why it’s never been a better time to consider breast enhancement surgery.

Breast Implant Options Have Expanded

Early on in the breast augmentation game, women had choices between saline and silicone breast implants. Now, we’ve got saline implants contained within various silicone chambers. We’ve got various form-stable silicone implants that are far less likely to affect surrounding tissue should they rupture or leak. We’ve also got various implant shapes, sizes, and profiles from which to choose.

The increase in options for breast implants does not have to feel confusing, either. We help our patients determine with confidence which implant is right for them. All aspects of implants are discussed, including their predicted appearance and feel, once they drop into place.

Surgical Techniques Have Advanced

Surgical consultation for breast augmentation also looks at current breast situation and incision type. Clinical practice has confirmed that breast implants cannot resolve all problems. A skilled surgeon may recommend a lift for some patients, recognizing that tissue laxity could affect the final outcome of surgery. Breast lift surgery in conjunction with breast augmentation both enlarges breasts and repositions them to ensure they do not sag once implants have settled into place. Incision types have expanded, as well. Common incision options include around the areola and along the natural breast crease. In both areas, resulting scars may be barely noticed.

General Expectations

Trends have changed in the area of breast augmentation. Today, most patients request a size increase that achieves natural-looking proportions with the rest of the body. Having been in practice for several years, Dr. Krummen is well aware of the ways in which breast augmentation has changed, and how to harness those changes to benefit her patients. To schedule a breast enhancement consultation in our friendly office, call 513.985.0850.

A Facelift for the Ages

Facelift surgery has long been known as an effective way to turn back the hands of time, cosmetically speaking. Reviving a youthful appearance can renew one’s sense of confidence and enable them to generally feel better about how they look. The objective of facelift surgery is to correct signs of aging like jowls, flat cheeks, and deep creases around the nose and mouth. In a broader sense, facelift surgery is about looking like you, only better. Knowing this, one of the most common questions about facelift surgery revolves around timing.

Age is Just a Number

We can’t really say that there is a right age for facelift surgery. This is because every person ages differently. Cosmetic aging is a matter of biology more than time, and also about lifestyle. Studies suggest that people with naturally oily skin tend to age more slowly and that fine lines and wrinkles develop sooner on people with lighter skin. Furthermore, people who consume alcohol or use tobacco products demonstrate the signs of aging more quickly and profoundly than those who do not smoke or drink. From stress to sun exposure to skin care, there are numerous factors that can contribute to aging.

Facelift Timing is Purely Subjective

Because aging is such a personal event, the timing of facelift surgery or other facial rejuvenation efforts can span over many decades.

Age 35-40

It is often between the age of 35 and 40 when the signs of aging begin to appear. At this time, most people are not ready for a facelift. The creases that are forming between the brows or around the nose and mouth can usually be mitigated nicely and very quickly with injectable treatments. Botox is the product recommended for upper-face rejuvenation and dermal fillers are commonly used on the lower face to smooth wrinkles. It is at this time when proactive steps can also pay off down the road. Options to consider include fractional skin resurfacing, microneedling, and chemical peels.

Age 40+

Studies show that the decade of the 40s may be an optimal time to get the best results from facelift surgery. This correlates with the prime state of SMAS tissue in the deep plane of the face during this decade of life. According to research, the deep plane facelifts performed at this time have fewer revisions than other techniques. A facelift during your 40s is likely to be less invasive, possibly leaning toward the mini-lift side of the spectrum, to address mile skin laxity. An alternative option that some people consider is the thread lift, available in our Cincinnati office.

Age 50-60

While a mini-lift may be ideal for mild laxity in the 4th decade of life, the 50s and 60s may require a bit more restructuring. At this time, tissue on the lower face and upper neck may need to be addressed simultaneously. The traditional facelift technique may be ideal or may also be combined with a neck lift to achieve the best results. Additionally, more extensive signs of aging can benefit from fat injections or dermal fillers in the temples, mid-face area, or lips. This is because a fair amount of facial aging relates to the deterioration of bony structure and fat pads.

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