September 2020

Should You Get a Facelift Now?

Facelift sur gery feels like a big deal. We cannot disagree with this. Getting a facelift is a very big deal because this procedure is unmatched in what it can achieve. Sure, there is anesthesia and downtime, also a big deal. However, the primary aspect of a facelift to consider is how you will feel afterward. With so many non-surgical approaches to the signs of aging, many patients wonder if they need a facelift. Here, we discuss how you might know when the time is right.

You Don’t Look Like “You” Anymore

Aging is not limited to the development of lines and creases around the nose and mouth or on the forehead. One of the reasons that wrinkles develop is because the face is changing shape slowly but surely. This change in shape happens because the fat pads in the mid-face break down. Collagen protein fibers beneath the skin break down as well. Finally, the bone structure around the eyes degrades as we age. Combined, these structural changes lead to sagging at the sides of the jaw (jowls), submental fullness (double chin), and deep nasolabial creases. The face may look longer or wider than it used to. One of the best things that a facelift does is make you look like You again!

Skincare and Injectables Aren’t Getting the Job Done Anymore

When the signs of aging are mild to moderate, it is often possible to address them with quality skincare, strict sun protection, and injectables, when the time comes. The more that the face changes shape, though, the more challenging it can be to restore youthfulness using only these techniques. There is only so much dermal filler that can be used before the face starts to look puffy and unnatural. The purpose of having a facelift is to restore the look you had enjoyed throughout your earlier adult years. Dr. Krummen carefully repositions tissue and trims skin to achieve the most natural restoration of your younger self. The benefit of this, too, is that the results of a facelift last much longer than dermal filler treatments.

There are a few telltale signs that you’re ready for a facelift. We can help you make a confident decision about when to have surgery by evaluating your skin and providing you with detailed information about this procedure. To schedule your consultation in our Cincinnati office, call 513.985.0850.

No, Liposuction is Not the Easy Way Out!

Plastic surgery procedures are known for being safe and effective. Millions of body-enhancing procedures are performed each year, with liposuction being one of the most popular for people of all ages. As long as liposuction has been around, there is still a misconception that this approach to eliminating excess fat is taking the easy way out. We’re here to tell you it’s not. In fact, liposuction is an excellent companion to a good diet and exercise routine. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. With this combination of body-contouring strategies, you stand to gain even more reward for your efforts. Here’s how.

Get a Motivation Boost

It’s no secret that we like to see results. It takes effort to stay motivated after a few weeks if there isn’t a noticeable change. We’ve been trained through modern technology to expect near-instant results in many aspects of life. We can’t blame ourselves for stretching this expectation into our health and fitness. The way we look at liposuction is not as an easy way out but as a complement to what you do daily. Liposuction can remove the stubborn midsection fat that is preventing you from seeing the muscle tone you’ve been working hard for.

Get a Boost of Confidence

Liposuction works more quickly than your diet and exercise routine. Even though it is not a substitute for either of those, it can be a perfect jumping-off point to improve your fitness. Many people who are beginning their fitness goals feel self-conscious in their workout clothes. This can be especially true for those who want the freedom of movement that comes from wearing tighter-fitting shorts, leggings, and shirts. When there is a little extra fat and jiggle in a certain area, the desire to don workout clothes and go into a gym or exercise studio may not be consistently strong. Reducing trouble areas at the onset of a fitness program can give you a boost of confidence as you make further improvements to your shape.

Spot Reduction is Possible!

Diet and exercise work together to increase vitality and improve appearance. Alone, though, these strategies cannot accomplish what many people need: spot reduction. Fitness trainers often state that we cannot spot reduce fat. Using diet and exercise alone, this is true. However, adding liposuction into the mix changes things drastically. Liposuction can eliminate stubborn fat in the midsection, thighs, backs of the arms, even the chin!

Liposuction and healthy lifestyle habits are a perfect pair for a beautiful body. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Krummen in our Cincinnati office, call 513.985.0850.

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