Kiss Love Handles Goodbye with Liposuction

IMG 0720 3 300x300Stubborn pockets of fat are nothing new. Millions of adults have at least one area of the body that just seems to resist their sculpting and slimming efforts. There is no good place on the body to store unwanted fat. The most common areas that we see include the thighs, abdomen, and hips. In the hip area, unwanted fat is often called love handles, supposedly because they can be given an affectionate squeeze. We say “No squeezing, thank you. We’ll take sculpting instead.” If you second this option, you may be an excellent candidate for love handle liposuction. 

Due to fatty tissue holding on to a hard-to-sculpt area, love handles can be a chronic concern. This is an area in which that old adage about not spot-reducing fat may hold some truth. That is, until we consider the value of liposuction. This leading plastic surgery procedure is made for spot reduction. It has been performed millions of times on love handles, muffin-tops, saddle-bags, and much more. 

Liposuction for Love Handles: What to Expect

Liposuction is an outstanding treatment option for many contouring concerns because, as we mentioned, it was designed specifically for spot-reduction. Another advantage of this procedure, though, is that it is minimally-invasive and does not warrant a hospital stay. Patients are able to go home a few hours after their procedure, once anesthesia wears off. Furthermore, their incisions are so tiny that they usually have nothing more than a medical bandage and their compression garment in place to help the skin heal. 

To sculpt away love handles, Dr. Krummen makes one or more tiny incisions in the hip area. She inserts a cannula through the incision and into the layer of adipose fat. Here, she moves the cannula in a smooth back-and-forth motion. The motion disrupts and dislodges fat cells so they can be suctioned through the hollow tube. If only the love handles are treated, the procedure may only take 1 to 2 hours. 

Recovery from Love Handle Liposuction

In addition to being able to go home shortly after their procedure, liposuction patients also enjoy a relatively light and quick recovery period. While it is important to avoid situations in which the risk of infection is elevated, such as using a hot tub (until incisions have fully healed), patients are typically ready to go back to work within a week or so after their minor procedure. 

Liposuction does permanently remove fat cells from the problem area. However, patients must maintain a healthy lifestyle and optimal weight to prolong the shape achieved during the procedure. Since many of them are already engaged in weight-management habits, to continue to do so is easy. 

You don’t have to love your love handles. You can slim them away with liposuction. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Krummen, contact our Cincinnati office at 513.985.0850.

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