Why Breast Lift and Augmentation are A Powerful Pair

IStock 1125872401 300x200A woman’s body changes significantly as she goes through life. Pregnancy and nursing alone can have a profound effect on the breasts. And then there is the matter of weight, hormones, and the simple process of aging that none of us can avoid. If the physical changes of aging have left something to be desired about your appearance, you may need more than a padded or uplifting bra to achieve the improvement you really want. When surgery comes up as a solution, many women think about how a breast augmentation could help. But why stop there when a combination lift and augmentation achieves a lot more?

When a Combination Approach Makes Sense

Not every woman needs a breast lift alongside her augmentation procedure. However, it is important to recognize that augmentation on its own is intended to improve the shape and volume of the breasts only. If the breasts have begun to sag or if a woman is approaching menopause, there is good reason to explore the benefits of a breast lift. This extra procedure expertly trims excess skin to create a new and improved envelope to hold the augmented breast in a higher, perkier position.

Two Concerns met with a Single Surgical Process

There are several benefits to combining plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation and breast lift. One is that there need only be one surgery day. A single surgical process reduces costs and also limits downtime.

Learn more about Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular forms of breast enhancement performed today. The key term here, though, is breast enhancement. Patients need to know what augmentation with breast implants can do and what it cannot. Lifting the breasts higher on the chest wall sits in the “cannot” category.

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