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Mommy Makeover: Do It for You!

For as long as plastic surgery procedures have been performed in our country, there has been a stigma around them. Celebrities who had plastic surgery were “outed” later, after vehemently denying the work they’d had done. We may be told in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that we should look younger naturally, without any assistance. Some people who express an interest in plastic surgery are questioned about their motives and even their emotional health. These viewpoints do not exist in other countries. In Brazil, for instance, plastic surgery is viewed as a pathway to enhance self-esteem, not to correct something that is “wrong.” A woman in Brazil would receive no flack for wanting plastic surgery. For a woman in America, wanting to reverse what pregnancy and breastfeeding have done to her body may be met with disdain and shaming.

Motherhood is an honor that comes with sacrifice. Not all of the sacrifices a woman makes for her children have to go on forever, though. At some point, children grow up and leave the nest. Why should Mom be left with a lasting “badge of honor” that robs her of her self-confidence? When a Mommy Makeover can correct the common cosmetic concerns of motherhood, there is no reason NOT to do this for you and you alone.

Reasons for a Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover may be sought for several different benefits, such as perkier breasts or a flatter stomach. Beyond benefits, though, a Mommy Makeover by be sought because:

Healthy Habits May Not Be Enough

A woman may eat all the right things to lose the baby weight. She may walk or swim or hit the gym several days a week to drop pounds and tighten her muscles. However, many women discover that this isn’t enough. To eat well and exercise can feel like an amazing thing to do for the body. But when results fall short of expectations, there is an inevitable let-down. Diet and exercise may help with overall weight, strength, and vitality, but they may not fully tighten the abdomen and are very unlikely to lift the breasts.

Pregnancy-Related Changes aren’t Merely Cosmetic

Sometimes, the stretching that occurs during pregnancy expands the midsection to such an extent that the abdominal muscles separate. This is referred to as diastasis recti. Exercise can tone the abdominal muscles but will not cause them to grow back together. Other medical concerns related to severe abdominal laxity include urinary incontinence, hernia, and low back pain.

It’s Nice to Regain Control

Motherhood changes a woman in many ways. A woman may quickly learn that much of what happens in motherhood is beyond her control to prevent. Pregnancy-related physical changes don’t have to be included in that. A Mommy Makeover can reinstate the shape that reflects a woman’s sense of her feminine self beyond motherhood.

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