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Collagen Rebuilding: A Key to Lasting Beauty

Collagen Induction Therapy Cincinnati, OH As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Krummen has helped numerous patients turn back the hands of time through facelift surgery. Whether you have reached a point where a facelift is the most appropriate course of action or your interest lies in postponing surgical rejuvenation as long as possible, we need to talk about the value of collagen rebuilding. As a stand-alone treatment or as a follow-up to surgery, collagen induction therapy, also known as microneedling, holds the key to long-term results.

What is Collagen Induction Therapy?

Collagen is the basis for smooth, healthy-looking skin. This protein is integral to the matrix of connective tissue beneath the epidermis. Early in life, we don’t give a second thought to collagen. Why should we, when our skin looks plump and firm and young? When lines and wrinkles develop, and the skin loosens, collagen becomes an important topic of interest.

Collagen induction therapy is a process of stimulation that involves a specific, automated tool. Microneedling effects change by creating tiny micro-channels in the skin. The rejuvenation process occurs in three phases:

  • An inflammatory response is elicited by the creation of microscopic wounds. The immune system immediate jumps into action to remove debris, disinfect the area, and encourage new tissue growth through increased circulation.
  • Proliferation of new cells occurs as these perceived wounds are repaired with collagen, elastin, and granulation cells. The blood vessels across the treatment area are also renewed.
  1. Remodeling occurs as new blood vessels and dermal tissues replace the old. The temporary form of collagen that exists immediately after microneeding is replaced with a stronger form that lifts and supports.

How it Works

The very term “microneedling” may sound like a rather unpleasant experience. Trust us; it is anything but intolerable. Treatment is conducted by an experienced practitioner following the application of numbing cream over the treatment area. This medicated cream is left on the skin for several minutes to allow maximum efficiency. The SkinPen is then passed over the skin, making tiny channels from .25 to 2mm in depth. The depth of needle penetration is determined during your initial consultation and desired outcome. After microneedling treatment, patients may return to normal activities, understanding that their skin may be red for a few hours. Sun protection is an important aftercare requirement.

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