Rejuvenate Your Look with the Plasma Pen

IStock 1133092452 300x200As we get older, we know that we will see some fine lines and wrinkles, blotchy skin, or sun damage. These are common signs of aging that cannot be eliminated even with the best facelift. This is why, over the past several years, various manufacturers have developed devices using innovative technology. Our Cincinnati office is equipped with one such device, the Plasma Pen. We are excited about what this device can do for the skin. Here, we discuss how this technology works and what it has to offer aging skin.

How the Plasma Pen Works

Back when we were in school, we learned about liquids, solids, and gasses. There is another state of matter: plasma. This state of matter is formed by a reaction between electrostatic energy and ionized gas. The reaction creates thermal energy (heat), which then reacts with atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen. These exist just next to the skin. When plasma comes into contact with the gasses next to the skin, a plasma arc occurs.

The plasma arc that forms next to the skin evaporates immediately but has a positive effect on the outer layers of the skin. This arc causes the epidermis to contract and also causes thermal stress within the dermis. Thermal stress is a good thing; it stimulates the development of new collagen. With a new influx of collagen, the foundational layer of the skin is remodeled to look smoother, brighter, tighter, and more uniform.

What Happens After Plasma Pen Treatment

Following a Plasma Pen treatment, patients experience tiny scabs where the plasma has affected the skin. These look like pinpoint dots. They fall off within a few days, leaving smoother, softer, more glowing skin behind. This is just the immediate improvement, though. Over time, as new collagen forms, the skin looks tighter and generally younger overall.

The Plasma Pen can be used nearly anywhere on the body and is particularly effective at treating the fine lines and wrinkles that develop around the eyes and mouth. Because plasma stimulates collagen production by placing stress on fibroblast cells, this treatment is also a good solution for sagging skin on the face, jawline, and neck. It can also be used to tighten skin on the abdomen or backs of the arms. Finally, collagen stimulation therapy can be performed to reduce the appearance of scars.

If you want to look younger and feel better but don’t want to undergo surgery, the Plasma Pen may be your ideal treatment. Learn more! Schedule your appointment with Dr. Krummen at 513.985.0850.

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